Ralph Lauren Home: When Do I Move In?

I love the Ralph Lauren home store. It’s like my oasis. Every six months, they change out all of the rooms, showing off a variety of products. All are elegant, all are luxe, all are rooms you’d definitely be more than comfortable living in.



I discovered the store around Christmastime. I’m not a huge shopper, so when I walked up the stairs at the Ralph Lauren store on Rodeo Drive, it made my day. Sheer bliss as I sat on a deep set fluffy couch filled with pillows, stumbled into a room reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara’s and giggled at the bright colors in a room filled with silks and samurai flair. I found at least three things I needed (okay, maybe not needed, but really, really liked.)

This time, I was greeted by the saleswoman, who said this season was inspired by a French flea market. I like anything flea market related, a little shabby chic, and lived in so it was a given that this incarnation of the floor would be a hit.

Leather pillow covers with tassels were more elegant than one would expect, and giant photos of horses tastefully adorned the living room display. My favorite room, though, was the bedroom with grey-ish blue wallpaper and silky blue bedding, adorned with white tufted accents. I could see myself lounging on the chaise on a sunny day with a good book and the curtains blowing on a windy but warm day, eating macaroons and lounging with a cup of tea in the canopy bed, or checking out the morning’s headlines while sitting in the sunny chair by the bed… everyday activities just seem slightly more glamorous surrounded by Ralph Lauren’s special air of luxury. Obsessed is an understatement.


All About the Brights: Joss and Main Today

The fastest way to combat winter blues? Add bright hues to your life (and living space!) Joss and Main has an “energizing hues” sale today, and these are a few of my favorite items:Laserena+PillowAime+Pillow+in+Desert Howard+Elliott+Casey+Wall+MirrorThe fastest way to change the look of your space is by changing throw pillows or wall art. It’s really an easy mood changer. If you’re patient, you can just buy the fabric and make pillows yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Fairfax Flea Market Finds

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles is at the Fairfax Flea Market. In the parking lot of the high school on Fairfax and Melrose, this market has live music, good food (tacos, crepes), and lots of stalls with all kinds of goodies. Of course my favorite items are the ones that have been re-worked or repurposed.

I’ve been going to the flea market for years, and have noticed that with rising popularity, prices have also gone up. The key to flea markets is negotiating, so you can still get some things at very reasonable prices.

Here are a couple of my favorite things from yesterday:

Coffee Table @ Fairfax Flea

This was just awesome. I wasn’t brave enough to even ask how much it was going for, but it would make an amazing statement!


I love the look of all the industrial/ metal furniture from the 40’s and 50’s and have noticed a trend where stores have been stripping the paint off pieces to show off the pretty natural gray. This table is wood, the effect is achieved through paint. A pretty cool piece, and the drawers were stable (it’s pretty normal to find a piece you love that’s a little off kilter.) The center of the table lifts up, it would be a great place to store your notebooks and laptop if you’re a student, or you could install a mirror on the top and keep your makeup inside. He was asking $230 I think, but you could probably talk him down. Still, I think that’s a little overpriced.


This piece was awesome. The guy had some really cool stuff. His lamps were cool, too. I love the metal and wood mix that’s so popular right now. This piece was super sturdy, and my friend and I both were wishing we could weld. This booth was kinda in the corner, so he wasn’t getting as much traffic as he should, but people were still flocking in, talking about the pieces, and taking photos. Because his stuff is clearly that good.

I didn’t end up buying any furniture, I prefer to source stuff that’s a lot less expensive (and a lot of the vendors have pretty much already redone their pieces.) But more on that later! All in all, a pretty successful and inspiring Sunday afternoon at the Fairfax Flea.

Getting Inspired

If you’re anything like me, you can scroll through sites for hours and hours to find inspiration. Wait, is that only me?

Mayyybe I’m a bit obsessed. I love going to new stores, looking at catalogs, and, yes, I do sometimes pay more attention to the props than the models in magazines. I’ve been known to completely miss what’s going on in a movie because I’m so wrapped up in the sets. The colors, textures, shapes- ahhh, I just can’t get enough!

There is, of course, that great time waster Pinterest. I’m a fan, but I’ve noticed photos totally trend. Like 3-4 people I follow will post the same pics. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s annoying but I’m not gonna stop pinning anytime soon!)

Where else do I look for inspiration? Antique stores, restaurants, when I go to someone’s house. Pretty much everywhere. I even caught myself wondering if furniture the exact color of a green light would be good, then I realized it was a green light so I’d better start paying attention to driving.

I also adore getting emails from sites like One Kings Lane, Joss and Main, and Fab. Yes, they have a lot of good stuff for low prices, but I just get inspired by the stuff they’re showing. It gives you a chance to see what’s in and gives you a good idea of popular designers and brands.  I like to look at the items and get inspiration on how to re-work new finds (“oh, if I just glue some wood on top of this, it’ll look like that” “If I paint these lamps, they’ll basically have the same effect in my room.”) You get the idea. 

I even have an “inspiration” folder with hundreds of photos from various sites for those times when ya just can’t think of where to go with a project. 

How do you get inspired?

Ikea is the Devil

Okay, it’s not so bad. They actually have really cute stuff for reasonable prices. I quite like looking through their catalog, but actually going to the store is another thing. I feel like a rat in one of those mazes you imagine in a mad scientist’s lab. And forget about actually putting the stuff together! Why this rant?

One of my friends is making over her bedroom. A self proclaimed tomboy, she’s not too into decorating. She asked me to come over to help her put a bed together, and I gladly accepted (since I’m pretty handy.)

When I arrived and she opened her trunk, I saw the clean Swedish packaging and began to panic. I can sand, paint, screw and glue stuff til my face turns blue, but Ikea furniture is a special kinda project. The where-is-that-damn-arrow-pointing, is-that-the-little-or-big-screw kinda project. My previous experience with Ikea was putting a couch together for my overbearing boss while I had a broken arm, which may be the reason for my unsavory opinion on the matter.

After lots of trial and error, laughing, and breaks, we finally got it together. It looked so pretty, and she loves her new room. I do say, though, that it is totally worth paying a fee and having the delivery guy put it together.