Pinterest Project I: Penny Stain

So we all know that not everything we read on the Internet is true. But what about Pinterest?

Well, I learned the hard way that not everything on Pinterest works. I’ve had great experiences with recipes and stain removers. I saw a post about an easy roll-up curtain, so I went and got all the materials, bought fabric, and spent about an hour putting it together. When I installed the curtain, I quickly realized that it was too heavy to roll up (basically making it useless.) Sad as I was, my faith in Pinterest Projects remained unshaken.

Next project: Homemade Stain.

This sounded great- an organic stain that had a pretty blue tint. I wanted to use it on the table stuffed in the car on my “Prius Problems” post.

I went to the dollar store and bought glass jars and vinegar, picked out a bunch of pennies, and combined them all. After a couple of days, the vinegar was looking a little murky, but definitely NOT blue. I tried shaking it, left the pennies to marinate an extra week, then decided that this just wasn’t going to work out.

I found another recipe to make stain using pennies, and will probably try it, but am not depending on it working! Anyone have experience with stains?


Epic fail: The only color you’re seeing is from my tile.


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