Getting Inspired

If you’re anything like me, you can scroll through sites for hours and hours to find inspiration. Wait, is that only me?

Mayyybe I’m a bit obsessed. I love going to new stores, looking at catalogs, and, yes, I do sometimes pay more attention to the props than the models in magazines. I’ve been known to completely miss what’s going on in a movie because I’m so wrapped up in the sets. The colors, textures, shapes- ahhh, I just can’t get enough!

There is, of course, that great time waster Pinterest. I’m a fan, but I’ve noticed photos totally trend. Like 3-4 people I follow will post the same pics. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s annoying but I’m not gonna stop pinning anytime soon!)

Where else do I look for inspiration? Antique stores, restaurants, when I go to someone’s house. Pretty much everywhere. I even caught myself wondering if furniture the exact color of a green light would be good, then I realized it was a green light so I’d better start paying attention to driving.

I also adore getting emails from sites like One Kings Lane, Joss and Main, and Fab. Yes, they have a lot of good stuff for low prices, but I just get inspired by the stuff they’re showing. It gives you a chance to see what’s in and gives you a good idea of popular designers and brands.  I like to look at the items and get inspiration on how to re-work new finds (“oh, if I just glue some wood on top of this, it’ll look like that” “If I paint these lamps, they’ll basically have the same effect in my room.”) You get the idea. 

I even have an “inspiration” folder with hundreds of photos from various sites for those times when ya just can’t think of where to go with a project. 

How do you get inspired?


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