Ikea is the Devil

Okay, it’s not so bad. They actually have really cute stuff for reasonable prices. I quite like looking through their catalog, but actually going to the store is another thing. I feel like a rat in one of those mazes you imagine in a mad scientist’s lab. And forget about actually putting the stuff together! Why this rant?

One of my friends is making over her bedroom. A self proclaimed tomboy, she’s not too into decorating. She asked me to come over to help her put a bed together, and I gladly accepted (since I’m pretty handy.)

When I arrived and she opened her trunk, I saw the clean Swedish packaging and began to panic. I can sand, paint, screw and glue stuff til my face turns blue, but Ikea furniture is a special kinda project. The where-is-that-damn-arrow-pointing, is-that-the-little-or-big-screw kinda project. My previous experience with Ikea was putting a couch together for my overbearing boss while I had a broken arm, which may be the reason for my unsavory opinion on the matter.

After lots of trial and error, laughing, and breaks, we finally got it together. It looked so pretty, and she loves her new room. I do say, though, that it is totally worth paying a fee and having the delivery guy put it together.


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