Can have multiple meanings. I realized this tonight, when I told a friend I was spending the evening “Craigslisting.” 

“What does that mean???” He responded, then I realized what he thought it meant (browsing the personals.)

HA! Nope, to me it means browsing the “for sale” and “free stuff” sections. CL is a great resource for cheap finds to rehab. I’ve been both a buyer and a seller and have been fairly successful with turning a profit.

A little advice for your “Craigslisting” adventures in the future:

1. If you’re buying, ask for photos/ measurements before you go to see it. It’s not nice to waste the seller’s (or your own) time.

2. Bring cash! It’s the only way to pay, and when people see the cash in your hand, they’re a lot more likely to negotiate.

3. Ask the seller if they have anything else to sell… you never know what you may find!

4. Make sure the car you bring can actually transport the item (see my post “Prius Problems”).

5. Go with someone! (Hello, you don’t know these people) Or else tell someone where you’re going and give them the person’s information from the post/ your correspondence.

6. If you’re the seller, make sure someone else is home with you, or show the item outside of your home. I will often bring items outside to the sidewalk if someone is coming to look (’cause I don’t even want them knowing which apartment is mine!) I also like to let a friend or family member know that someone will be coming to my house. Basic safety, guys!

Hope these tips help and happy Craigslisting! 


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