Spring Cleaning

It all started with cleaning out a messy drawer. That turned into cleaning out the closet. Then I decided the coat closet that’s so stuffed to the brim that I have to shove it closed needed some serious work. I mean, my faux Christmas tree would practically fall out every time the door was opened. It was that bad and that daunting (cue foreboding music here.)

The idea was to take everything out, put some of those storage shelves stocked with fabrics, sewing supplies, spray paints and glues in there, and really truly get organized.

I’m quickly losing hope and have come to the realization that I may be a hoarder. Pulling out all that stuff is exhausting. I mean, I’m too tired to pick it all up. Let’s just say I found the Home Depot Holiday 2005 catalog in there. My living room deserves its own episode (Can’t I just call the show? Can/ will Merry Maids fix this?)

Do you have any of those dreaded junk drawers or closets? How do you keep your home tidy and avoid this junk trap? Any tips?



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