Just a thought…

I am loving the idea of a Kelly Green desk. Lacquered Kelly Green.

Practically drooling at the thought. What a happy color to get you motivated!


Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

I am LOVING this coffee table featured on One Kings Lane today. I find myself moving away from chunky, boxy looks like chests and toward clean and elegant lines. That, and I’m a sucker for dark wood– reminds me of my Southern roots!

Santa Fe Style

2013-04-15 14.43.35My parents moved to Santa Fe a few years ago, and I absolutely love going there to visit. It’s absolutely gorgeous- the open skies, the mountains, the terrain. It is especially magical in the Spring and Summer. I just love the sunflowers everywhere and the rainbows after an afternoon storm. The hiking is great, the food is amazing, and there is an awesome art scene… there’s also a lot of really, really good old furniture!

2013-04-15 14.19.06
(and ovens)

A lot of people have vacation homes in Santa Fe and the culture is rich with a history that provides a unique flair to the decorating style. I just love going to all of the shops, getting inspired, and checking out the prices for the market.

I spent an afternoon shopping recently, and here are my top picks:

2013-04-15 14.52.42
My top pick for the day- yes, that’s leather. A steal at $75 a pop.
2013-04-15 14.53.47
This is magical. Create a sense of whimsy with this ship chandelier.
2013-04-15 14.51.43
I felt really inspired by this fabric and the scale of this piece.
2013-04-15 14.53.22
How awesome is this antique safe? And so heavy!

  2013-04-15 14.55.38

2013-04-15 14.55.52
These yellow and blue chairs were going for $1121. It’s clearly quality, but a little pricey for a rehabber like me!
2013-04-15 14.56.15
This gorgeous chair is covered in a vintage fabric from Uzbekistan. $1850
2013-04-15 15.02.14
And, for fun, an old school Kodak camera. Just. Plain. Awesome.

The items in the top two pictures are from Encore at Double Take on Guadalupe. The rest is from Recollections on Cerrillos Road. I just have to check out these shops every time I’m in town!

More Chairs!


I’m slowly buy surely finishing up this dining set. I had a very specific vision of how this set should look, and am so picky about color that it has been difficult to get it right. I actually ended up going to Tiffany in order to grab a catalog to have the color matched for this paint. It’s only the first coat of paint and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these babies!
Obviously this set is going to be good for someone who loves bright colors (coming from someone who loves brights: I painted this room hot pink to emphasize a lime green kitchen.)

Check Me Out on Flea Market Flip on HGTV

My friend Shea and I were on the pilot episode of HGTV’s Flea Market Flip. It was such a blast (and a lot of hard work!) Here’s a clip I found on the site:

Flea Market Flip Preview

I’m always randomly getting texts about the show being aired, and apparently it was over this past weekend. Be on the lookout for a post about my favorite projects!

Joss and Main Wins Again!

I’m totally obsessed with their current sale, “Luxe and Little.” When I was a little girl, I would have lovvvved any of this stuff, but especially these items:


Adrienne+Twin+Headboard Sadie+Youth+RugKara+Youth+Vanity+Set

Obviously, I was VERY girly. On a side note, my mom still has a drawing I made of a bedroom decorated in “Globe” everything. She thought it showcased my artistic ability, but now I realize it shows off my early love of design and decor!

Check out the whole sale: https://www.jossandmain.com/Luxe-%26-Little~E3726.html?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&utm_campaign=

Know Your Limits

A lot of stuff I “know” about home improvement and rehabbing furniture (and, well, a lot of stuff) is through trial and error. Yeah, you can read about stuff online, people can tell you how to do it, but actually getting in there and DOING IT is the best way to learn.

But it is really important to know your limits and to put safety first. Case in point: bolt cutters.

bolt cutter
The dreaded tool: bolt cutters.

I thought cutting the lock off of the garage/ to be studio would be simple. I called about ten locksmiths to get pricing, but they were all so expensive. I’m pretty cheap, so buying a pair of bolt cutters seemed like a good option. I figured, “hey, if I can cut the bottom off of a birdcage with a sawzaw, this will be a piece of cake.” Nope, wrong, stupid assumption.

I felt all cool carrying the huge tool through Home Depot. Then I got to the garage and couldn’t figure out how to use it. After looking online, I was just plain afraid of cutting a finger off. My friend Lorraine said she thought her boyfriend would be able to do it pretty easily since he grew up on a farm and he’s got the muscle and know how to use random tools.

Lorraine’s attempt at the lock.

Well, Brett wasn’t going to be over til later in the day, and Lorraine is pretty strong, so she thought she’d give it a go. I mean, the girl can ride her bike everywhere, go running, do several workout classes, and have energy to go out or work a full shift, so her theory that she’d be able to do it wasn’t that far fetched. Yep, she did do a better job than me, but still couldn’t get it open.

So in walks Brett, picks up the bolt cutters, and snaps the lock like it’s a toothpick. Gotta love a farm boy. Here he is completely schooling us.