Santa Fe Style

2013-04-15 14.43.35My parents moved to Santa Fe a few years ago, and I absolutely love going there to visit. It’s absolutely gorgeous- the open skies, the mountains, the terrain. It is especially magical in the Spring and Summer. I just love the sunflowers everywhere and the rainbows after an afternoon storm. The hiking is great, the food is amazing, and there is an awesome art scene… there’s also a lot of really, really good old furniture!

2013-04-15 14.19.06
(and ovens)

A lot of people have vacation homes in Santa Fe and the culture is rich with a history that provides a unique flair to the decorating style. I just love going to all of the shops, getting inspired, and checking out the prices for the market.

I spent an afternoon shopping recently, and here are my top picks:

2013-04-15 14.52.42
My top pick for the day- yes, that’s leather. A steal at $75 a pop.
2013-04-15 14.53.47
This is magical. Create a sense of whimsy with this ship chandelier.
2013-04-15 14.51.43
I felt really inspired by this fabric and the scale of this piece.
2013-04-15 14.53.22
How awesome is this antique safe? And so heavy!

  2013-04-15 14.55.38

2013-04-15 14.55.52
These yellow and blue chairs were going for $1121. It’s clearly quality, but a little pricey for a rehabber like me!
2013-04-15 14.56.15
This gorgeous chair is covered in a vintage fabric from Uzbekistan. $1850
2013-04-15 15.02.14
And, for fun, an old school Kodak camera. Just. Plain. Awesome.

The items in the top two pictures are from Encore at Double Take on Guadalupe. The rest is from Recollections on Cerrillos Road. I just have to check out these shops every time I’m in town!


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