How Much Time Is Too Much?

How Much Time Is Too Much?

Today I happened across this pillow, which was marked down to $45 from $87. My immediate reaction was, “I wonder if you could use a bleach pen on burlap and make the same thing for a couple of bucks?”
Then I thought, well, once you go buy the burlap, bleach pen, and pillow insert, then stencil the pattern, bleach it, and sew it up, isn’t it worth the $45?
It may be fun to make a bunch of pillows like this for gifts or for party favors (or for a really beachy bed) but if you’re sticking to just one, I’d probably just go ahead and buy the pillow.
You have to factor in the value of the time and effort that you put into each project. If you’d rather just have something homemade, or if you have a ton of free time, by all means, go for it!
Hey, I still may try my hand at bleach pen designs!


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