Breaking the Rules

So Mother’s Day, I ended up in Laguna for the first time. I absolutely loved it- the shops, the beach! And going to a new place isn’t complete unless I check out some of the furniture shops. So, there I am, walking around a shop in bliss (the shop shall remain nameless) and I see a sign- no pictures. Oops! Here’s what I snapped against the rules–

2013-05-12 13.40.01This mermaid vase felt magical- perfect for a beach house, or to make you feel like you’re a little closer to the water if you’re stranded inland.

Burlap Seahorse PillowThese burlap seahorse pillows are just too cute… and seem like they’d be easy to make!

2013-05-12 13.31.25Loved the texture on this little chest. I also loved the size- it would be a good nightstand or dresser.

Shell ChandelierThis seashell chandelier made me think of my mom. I think it’d look great (and feel super luxe) hanging over a footed bathtub.



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