DIY Coffee Table Trays

Lacquered tray and boxes
In the store: Venice, CA

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through some shops on Main Street in Venice and happened across these cute lacquered boxes and matching tray. I. Had. To. Have. Them.

Til I saw the price, that is. The set of two boxes was marked at $130. The tray alone was around the same price. Too much for something trendy.

So I did like any good little rehabber would and drove to the craft store. I found some wood boxes and trays, got some paint and brushes, bought a spray on lacquer, and went home and got to work.

2013-06-20 16.34.54
Wooden Tray Before
2013-06-20 16.34.47
Second Tray Before

Now the trays weren’t exactly the right shape, but I figured they would be good enough. The edges were rough, so I sanded them a little first. I found that using a sponge brush looked a lot cleaner than a paint brush. I ended up doing two coats of acrylic paint.

2013-06-20 17.09.41
After one coat of paint.

Spraying on the lacquer was pretty easy. It seemed a bit drippy and yellow at first, but dried clear. I tried painting one tray with lacquer that I had left over from a set of chairs, but ended up liking the spray better.

lacquered orange tray
Coffee Table Tray: After
coffee table tray
Alternate view: Orange Lacquered Tray After

I’ll probably end up spraying it once more with the lacquer; the wood was a bit porous. Next time, I will prime the trays for sure. All in all, though, a pretty successful venture. I ended up saving about 80% of the cost, and had a lot of fun making these babies.


Ralph Lauren Home: Natural Luxury


I love this skull from Ralph Lauren Home. Okay, okay, I pretty much like anything there. It is my “happy place” after all!
But really, skulls, horns, and animal busts (both real and faux) have been especially big in the past couple of years, and I was thinking they were pretty much done for now, but this is just gorgeous. Love that it is clear, so it makes a statement without being overbearing… And it is made of crystal. Can you get any more luxe?

A Wingback Worthy of Jackie O

Maybe I love this because I was raised in the south, or it’s just an East Coast aesthetic; maybe I just have a soft spot for everything monogrammed, or I love it because this is the epitome of simple elegance… But this is the perfect chair for me!
I’m not really sure where the photo came from, so if you can help me out, that’d be great. I stumbled upon it on Instagram and clipped it (I hoard not only furniture, but also photos of furniture.)

Flinstone Chic

Horn Hat Rack
Loving this 50’s hat rack my friend got from his grandma, who bought it (probably) in Ohio.
While it is perfectly suitable for Bedrock, it stands up to modern times with the bold pattern, clean lines, and the sheer statement all those horns make!

Flea Market Flip Favorites: The Liberace-tastic Ritts Table

Let me start out by saying that I LOVED everything we made on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip.
While I was so proud of the bed-to-bench and another bench was my baby, I absolutely loved this lucite table by the Ritts Company. It was a last minute buy at the end of the day (super marked down!)

Before: Ritts Company Table
Before: Ritts Company Table

It was in pretty rough shape, even though it had been in storage near Palm Springs for decades. Can’t you tell?

Talk about dated: this fabric was a nightmare!
Talk about dated: this fabric was a nightmare!

Here’s a photo of one of the chairs when we were just getting to work:
Ritts Chair Without Cushion

We loved the lucite and the shapes but hated the colors. We had a vision. We found some gorgeous white faux crocodile to cover the cushions with, and determined that the set should be ALL WHITE!!!

The term “Liberace-tastic” was born (how appropriate with Beyond the Candelabra coming out!?)

After: totally luxe and worthy to of being deemed "Liberace-tastic"
After: totally luxe and worthy to of being deemed “Liberace-tastic”

It’s kind of a joke at this point, but I’ve been called a “design hoarder” more than once. Who ended up taking this baby home? ME!

It was gorgeous with topped with my crystal candlesticks. Eventually, I sold it to another rehabber. He wanted to paint it all black and use it for poker night in his man cave… go figure!

The table in my own dining room!
The table in my own dining room!

Day Trippin’: Laguna Beach

Remember when I said I loved Laguna? Well, I took a little trip down yesterday to explore. It is such a cute beach town- it seems super laid back, everyone was really nice, and somehow it had a small town feel (not easy in SoCal.)

Lunchtime view.
Lunchtime view.

After I finished doing exploring shops on the main drag, I enjoyed a leisurely lunch to the sights and sounds of the waves rolling in, and then, blissed out, walked along the beach for a while.

At the end of the day, I drove around and checked out some of the local real estate. Here’s a favorite:

Loving the pink flowers with the blue and white house. Shabby chic at its finest! Can we call houses in Laguna "shabby chic?"
Loving the pink flowers with the blue and white house. Shabby chic at its finest! Can we call houses in Laguna “shabby chic?”

Oops! I missed going into some antique and design stores I was looking forward to (it got too late) but that’s just a good excuse for another trip! But with views like this, who needs an excuse?

The clouds were rolling in, but just made the day that much more gorgeous!
The clouds were rolling in, but just made the day that much more gorgeous!

Coffee Table Magic

Coffee Table Magic

Loving this gorgeous coffee table by Heather Garrett on One Kings Lane. The shape kinda reminds me of my “$2000 coffee table”! But the true brilliance is the wallpaper pattern.
This would be easy for any rehabber to recreate… just put the wallpaper (or even a cool piece of fabric that you could change out with your mood) under the glass or have another piece of glass (or even wood) cut and just cover it, and top with the glass you have.