How Will I Know?

Whitney had it right when she asked “How Will I Know?” There have been a million songs about it: how to know when something is right. Some say when you know, you just know; some aren’t so sure.

I think that when you find the right piece of furniture, you just know. I’ve been looking for the right side table for a long time.

Clearly wrong: too boring

When it is right…It jumps out at you, grabs you, and you get that “I just have to have it” feeling. At least that’s how it is for a lot of the rehabbers I’ve spoken with. Fireworks, butterflies, hopping –you know, the whole nine yards.

“What are you going to do when you find it?”

Stencil it, of course!

Yeah, you heard me! I’ve been all about inlay for quite some time.

Nice, but not right for me. Looks good, but I hate the shelf on the bottom.


Remember this from my post about absolutely loving inlay?

I’ve always loved inlay, but I am wayy too cheap to spend that much on a single piece of furniture. So I decided to get the look I love I would do what any rehabber would do: BE CREATIVE!

The look I love!
The look I love!

While brainstorming, I thought about finding some intricate paper (wall paper, wrapping paper) and decoupaging it onto a piece (which I still may try) then I came across Melissa’s post on “Get Your Paint On” and I just knew I had to try it! Check it out:

I immediately bought the stencil she mentioned, and started looking for the perfect piece right away. I mean, the possibilities really are endless, but I am bent on making a side table for my own living room, so I have a vision of what I want. Here’s a sneak peak of the table when I bought it:

The one: $10 at a thrift shop in West Hollywood

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