Lots of them going on…

I’ve been re-tooling and repainting the table trays. Adding accents, changing around the colors, etc. More pictures up soon, I promise!

I’ve been stenciling away on my side table. Wow- stenciling is WAY harder than I expected. Mainly because it requires a lot of patience, which I am short on! But it is going to be so gratifying to finally finish, and I’m already OBSESSED with the direction the side table is headed.

I have a table and set of six chairs that I’ve been working on between projects for about five months. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long. These suckers have to get outta my house– they’re positively taking over my living room! 

Speaking of living room…

I’ve been obsessed re-doing the whole thing. Yeah, I may be moving anytime now since school is about to start, but who cares? I’ve been looking for a slipcover for my couch (which sounds a lot easier than it is.) If you have any suggestions, please, please, please let me know!

I ended up finding one at Ikea (the devil!) that matched the measurements of my couch, but once I lugged it home, the arms were too short (rats!) Returning the thing was much harder than actually buying it. Has anyone else noticed that there are so many people “working” at Ikea, but there are only ever 1-2 that seem to actually be doing much?


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