New Addition!

Last weekend, I crossed the line from rehabber to hoarder. Every few months, I will end up with so many pieces that navigating through my apartment becomes a little difficult and I have to sell a ton of stuff.

What wonderful piece put me over the edge this time? A bamboo-ish chair spotted on the side of the road when driving past a yard sale. I almost didn’t take it because the seller would not negotiate on the $40 price tag. I mean, something about talking someone down just feels right. 

All business: talking on the phone, carrying the chair, and I’m still skurrying to keep up. Isn’t it GORGEOUS though??

We were sooo late meeting friends that we had to make a quick decision and get outta there, and I’m so happy that I brought this baby home. Once I cleaned it up with a little pledge, I realized that it is in such good shape that all it needs is a new slipcover (and you can do a bunch and change them out– score!!) and maybe a little hit with a stain pen.

A couple of days later, I realized that I’d saved a photo of chairs that were super similar as “inspiration” not too long ago. How cool is that?!

So similar, right?
So similar, right?

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  1. Sometimes you come across something and you know you can’t pass it up! Good job, it looks great.

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