When to (Not) Quit: Tricolor Table

Remember my post about  knowing when to quit?

Apparently I don’t.

And that’s not always a bad thing. Here’s a picture of the dining set finally finished (and I’m so, so happy with it!!!)

2013-07-29 12.46.14
How cute is this?! Note the orange tray from my DIY Tray post!

The neutral gray legs and chairs balance out the bright orange and Tiffany Blue. I’m sneaky and took a Tiffany & Co. catalog to get matched at the paint store. I love this set so much I am tempted to keep it, but it would look terrible in my hot pink dining room and wouldn’t be good for my hoarder-ish tendencies. Yeah, I just made up a word.

Anyway… here’s another pic!

side view table
Side view- don’t the colors work well together?

Okay, so I almost quit… but I couldn’t give up that easily. Plus the chairs were basically done, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to mess with it a little more.

I ended up staining the lighter side one more time then re-staining the whole thing, which made it a lot more even. I actually like the differences in the wood- it really shows that this isn’t a new piece, and I LOVE that it has history!

Table Top
Once it was all put together, I really don’t mind the difference in color. It is aged wood, after all, which is part of the beauty of up-cycling!

I’ll do another post with some before shots so you can see just how far it has come.


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