The Great Rug Debate

So I’ve been on a hunt, no, more like a quest for the perfect rug.

I’ve been wanting to re-do my living room for quite some time, and for some reason a rug just feels like a big commitment. 

I’ve decided that a woven rug is the look I’m going for– breezy, casual, but with a touch of elegance. Easy to dress up or dress down (though it sounds like I’m talking about clothes, I’m still on rugs.)

After pulling photos from Pottery Barn and my favorite discount sites Joss and Main and One Kings Lane, I found some reasonable rugs at Ikea. Yeah, still the devil, but you can order online and avoid the store all together.

Here are my top two choices:

tarnby-rug-flatwoven__0102967_PE248588_S4 egeby-rug-flatwoven__0110970_PE261603_S4

They’re pretty similar, but it is all about the border for me. I think it looks classy, a friend I emailed the options to thought the border made it look like an outdoor rug. A couple of days later we were walking through Ralph Lauren Home (my happy place) and I noticed bordered rugs scattered throughout.

The non-border rug is thicker, which I like to absorb noise, but the thinner rug just feels more luxe for some reason.  Maybe I’m off base– what do you think?


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