La Vie en Rose

Over the weekend, I spent a couple of glorious hours (okay, maybe not hours, but I could have) at the Exposition Park Rose Garden in Downtown LA.

It is quite impressive, with a huge fountain, gazebos, and over 20,000 rose bushes.
It didn’t feel like LA, which is great if you live in LA.

The garden: fountain looking pretty over the blooms. Does this look like the LA you imagine??

At one point, I sat in a gazebo surrounded by peppermint striped roses, enjoying the play of light filtering through the bushes, eating an ice cream bar purchased from a vendor right outside of the park, and thought, “this is BLISS.” It was one of those golden moments where everything just feels right.

One really happy girl.

As the sugar high hit, I especially enjoyed running around sniffing each variety of rose (they all smelled so different– who knew!?) The above picture was taken as I was running from one plant to another.

This was my favorite plant. I just love how different every bloom looks. I didn’t know you could have such variety on one plant.
Love the big color contrast on this flower. It makes me want to make something pink and yellow or fuchsia and yellow… perhaps for a teen girl’s room (or just someone who is a teen girl at heart!?)

It is definitely worth taking a picnic and checking it out, walk over and check out USC’s campus across the street if you have time. It reminds me of the south, which you know is reason enough to go hang there for me.



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