Makeover Made Cheap!

Here’s the thing…

I am SO TIRED of my living room. It is really, really pretty. I have a beautiful sage green couch that you just sink into, a gorgeous hand me down paisley goldish-colored chair. I have a green and gold rug with gorgeous vine designs with accents of burgundy and the tiniest bit of blue peeking out. To accent that blue, I’ve anchored a gorgeous baby blue vintage kitchen door onto my main wall. The walls are a pretty dove gray (it took 3 different colors to get there). Yes, the details are there, but they’ve also been there pretty much since I moved in three years ago… and it is dark! These colors are gorg but I wanna switch it up for that bright, airy, LA vibe. Hey, we’re so close to the beach, why not?!

You’d think that’d be an easy thing for a rehabber to fix, right? Well, I guess this little thing called time keeps getting in my way. Oh, yeah, and his friend money.

This project has been mulling around in my mind since Spring. I got rid of my dark wood coffee table and side table and started the stenciling project and made the $2000 dollar (but better cause it was under $20!) coffee table. Then I ordered a slipcover, but it didn’t fit. So I took it back, and the project has been on stall ever since. I think my mom is sick of me sending random texts saying, “hey, do you think making a slipcover is too hard for me?” (My sewing skills could use some work.)

Last week, I started cleaning some stuff out and re-arranging in preparation to begin this project again. The goal? Breathe new life into my living room for under $500. (And I would prefer to avoid painting the walls at all costs… after trying three colors, multiple coats of each, and painting three coats to get the maroon ceiling white (what’s wrong with my landlord?) I said, “God as my witness, I will never go through painting again.” Scarlett O’Hara brat attacks aside, let’s avoid painting, the gray is there to stay.)

Think I can do it? Is $500 reasonable for a total living room makeover? Do you have any tips?


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