Nate Berkus Holiday Collection at Target

Who doesn’t love the feel of designer luxury without the “designer” price tag?

I just love collaborations between designers and Target (I flipped for the Calypso St Bath collection) and this collection by Nate Berkus  is out just in time for the holidays. I like the mix of blues, golds, dark grays, and neutral browns. Smoky and sexy with little pops of color– chic.

These elephant place card holders are my favorite part of the collection:

At two for $10, you get major style without breaking the bank.

Like a true rehabber, I see them playing a totally different role in my home than just holding place cards. I think they would be super cute on a bookshelf holding photos of friends or family when not in use for a party. Leave it to me to reappropriate something!

Multipurpose with a little sparkle to brighten up every day… now that’s a deal!


2 thoughts on “Nate Berkus Holiday Collection at Target

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  1. These would also be great on an entry way table, say where people put their keys….especially in a larger family these could be cute to hold little notes like “don’t forget to pick up Jenny at 4” or “Ran to the store for milk be right back” etc. These are super cute & so affordable!!!? Are they solid metal? How heavy are they? Could they be used as book stops as well?

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