Rose Bowl Flea Market: Favorite Finds

Here are a few of my favorites from the last Rose Bowl Flea:

Love this set by Uber Chic home… I brought a friend to check it out, and she ended up ordering a custom piece for her closet. I think I may have to get one for my place!
This color.
Love the color of the legs, love that this table is tiny. For some reason, I was loving everything green this month!
Love these coffee tables! They had a ton and were right at the entrance… love the grape sweat crates.
I like anything reminiscent of marquee lights!
These sweet little tables had interchangeable tops. Lots of vendors had some, so you’ll surely find commercial versions out soon!


2 thoughts on “Rose Bowl Flea Market: Favorite Finds

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    1. Yes! I also like the Long Beach Flea Market, though it isn’t technically in LA.
      Also, the Fairfax Flea Market has some good finds if you need a flea market fix!

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