Spring Break!

Ahhhh, Spring Break!

Apparently in grad school, it is that time of year when you catch up on work, do papers, and work on the extra assignments professors felt were necessary because you’re not actually making the trek to school.

That’s okay, though, because I will save approximately 7.5 hours next week in just drive time (I live/ work in West Hollywood and school is in Malibu, it’d be a trade off no matter where I lived.)

That being said, with my 7.5 hours of free time next week, I am planning on going a little rehab crazy.

Here’s the “To Do” list:

I have a side table I’ve been dying to start.

I have another bamboo side table that needs a sanding and some paint (bought it at Fairfax this past weekend!)

A set of chairs that need to be upholstered (I can’t seem to find the “right” fabric.)

And I want to put finishing touches on and make a cushion for a doll highchair that has been sitting neglected.

Add in that I want to go through my closet and donate a ton of clothes/ shoes, and it looks like this week is gonna be busier than normal! Think I can get all this stuff done?!



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