Antiquing in Augusta

While visiting my hometown for a baby shower, I got a chance to check out some antique shops in Augusta, GA.
Mommy-to-be Caroline showed me a couple of her favorite shops.
I found some really good stuff at really good prices, but neither place ships! That’s just fuel for my dream of antiquing across the country in a truck American Pickers style!
I took so many photos, it was hard to pare them down for this post. I saw a lot of pretty dishes, mahogany pieces, horse-themed items, and antique chandeliers from estates.
Here are some of my favorite finds:












All About Egyptian Revival

I saw a similar stool in a storefront off of Melrose a couple of months ago, and it was love at first site. Now I can’t get enough. Imagine the statement one of these would make. Egyptian Revival furniture was really came in style throughout the 19th century, and continued to be popular after the turn of the century. The original boho chic?


Rehab Diaries: Sorting Through The Trash

I’ve got this problem… Well, maybe it isn’t such a problem. I can’t drive by a curb that has something on it without stopping to look. It’s like this compulsion, this need to look at the items. My poor car is covered in dirt and grime from roadside finds. The other day, on an evening drive, I even made my boyfriend drive through alleys looking for trash treasures.
It is a little out of hand, but this girl knows when to stop (I promise?).


I stumbled across this cute high chair in a pile of trash yesterday. It has major potential, but would need a lot of TLC. Notice the missing tray and wood pieces at the top. It also seriously needed to be stripped. Normally, I’d snatch it up to make an attempt at beautifying such a classic piece, but I have 4 other projects at home right now and I’m seriously on the edge of hoarding again.

See? So not a problem! (I wonder if it is still out there…)

I am NOT a Seamstress

I love the idea of making cushions, curtains, table runners, heck, even my own clothes.

As a child, one of my hobbies was cross stitching (I was a weird kid).

For a while, I was into hand-stitching pillows, and last year, my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas to help with my pillow obsession. I used it a grand total of two times before putting it in a storage container under my bed. The curtains I was attempting ended up a completely crooked mess. After that, I ended up resigning myself to liquid stitch, iron-on seem stuff, or my favorite standby, the staple gun (hey, I love power tools!)

Sometimes, though, that just won’t cut it. Last week, I pulled out the sewing machine, re-read the manual and got to work making a new cushion for one of my roadside finds.

Remember this?
Remember this?

I used some fabric that didn’t work out for another project but that would fit in my bedroom for practice. I have a really pretty coral fabric with white seahorses that I will eventually make for the cushion and move the chair into the living room.

The first attempt didn’t turn out well.

Seems that I had a measuring issue (no pun intended).
Seems that I had a measuring issue (no pun intended).

Frustrated with my lack of skills, I ripped the seems out to try again.

Not bad for a second attempt, huh?
Not bad for a second attempt, huh?

In the end, I decided that this was a pretty good try. I got better at sewing in a straight line, and those pesky corners were a pain. It took a few attempts to get the cushion tight enough but not too tight, but I ended up with a product I can live with. Next time, I may even try to line the top up with the middle part of the cushion.

I can live with this. The chair is over by my closet, but I wanted to show how it complemented the curtains in this photo.
I can live with this. The chair is over by my closet, but I wanted to show how it complements the curtains in this photo.

It wasn’t a perfect process, but now I can say that I’ve made a cushion without cheating. That doesn’t mean I’ll be using the staple gun any less, though.

Rehab Diaries: When You Just Need to Fix: Part II

Sometimes you just need to rehab something, but time (or energy) may not permit you to do all that you’d like.

Doing even a little something creative is better than nothing. Remember when I talked about shortcuts in Part One of Rehab Diaries?

Shortcuts generally don’t work out, but a quick fix isn’t exactly a shortcut, right?

My favorite way to get a quick fix?

A stain pen. It is total instant gratification. It’s cheap, too, ringing in at about ten bucks.

I used this pen in ebony to go over some chips in my faux bamboo chair and freshen up the contrasting bindings.

I like the pens by Minwax. Simple, easy, and a great way to get a quick fix.

Be sure to be safe and use them in a well ventilated area. They are stain, after all!