Rehab Diaries: Sorting Through The Trash

I’ve got this problem… Well, maybe it isn’t such a problem. I can’t drive by a curb that has something on it without stopping to look. It’s like this compulsion, this need to look at the items. My poor car is covered in dirt and grime from roadside finds. The other day, on an evening drive, I even made my boyfriend drive through alleys looking for trash treasures.
It is a little out of hand, but this girl knows when to stop (I promise?).


I stumbled across this cute high chair in a pile of trash yesterday. It has major potential, but would need a lot of TLC. Notice the missing tray and wood pieces at the top. It also seriously needed to be stripped. Normally, I’d snatch it up to make an attempt at beautifying such a classic piece, but I have 4 other projects at home right now and I’m seriously on the edge of hoarding again.

See? So not a problem! (I wonder if it is still out there…)


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