End of the Semester

Wow! This semester is finally over! That means I only have one more semester of classes (and however long it takes to finish my thesis) and I’ll have a masters degree! I’m specializing in internet ads and credibility and I’m so excited to have a thesis committee together with literally the nicest thesis chair ever.

This semester has been filled with ups (a beautiful wedding for good friends in Mexico) and downs (my grandmother, who also loved arts and crafts, unexpectedly passed away.)

My biggest personal accomplishment in the past couple of months has been finishing a 141 page ad plan for a company I created called Vintage Baby.


I’m looking forward to looking into what it would take to get this thing off the ground. There’s still a lot more research to be done, but having this plan makes the semester seem that much more worth it.

I’m celebrating the end of the semester with a short trip to New York City, which I have always wanted to see at Christmas time! I’m looking forward to seeing the big tree, being in cold weather (LA is eternally warm and sunny) and checking out a couple of shops I love to browse online in person!


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