$10 Side Table Transformation

Recently a friend gave me a couple of things for helping her pick out some new furniture pieces for her house.
Among them was this side table.

photo 2

It was in awful condition– it was super scratched up and had even been stored outside for awhile. Not necessarily the shape or style I would normally choose, I decided to jazz it up with a bright electric blue paint and a fun knob from Anthropologie.

The first knob I tried didn't quite work.
The first knob I tried didn’t quite work.
The second knob was much better!
The second knob was much better!
Here's the finished product. Pretty fun, huh? I could totally see this jazzing up a room!
Here’s the finished product. Pretty fun, huh? I could totally see this jazzing up a room!

I’m saying this cost about $10 because the knob was $7 and I didn’t even use half a can of paint or primer. It was a totally simple fix, so before you throw away that piece that’s been bugging you, try painting it and giving it a new life!


Future Flea Market Finds

Doing a little research for my thesis today, and came across this quote from Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen in their book The New Digital Age and thought I’d share:

“Eventually, the accoutrements of technologies we marvel at today will be sold in flea markets as antiques, like rotary phones before them.”

I thought that was such an interesting thought, think about buying an iPhone 6 at the flea market like we would buy a record player or a typewriter today. It is kind of funny to think about how different technology today looks… I feel like the old stuff has much more character. I wonder if people will think that about our “modern technology.”

Do you really think someone would want to put an iPhone in their space as a decorative piece or conversation starter?

Cleaning With Vinegar: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

It isn’t just for Easter Eggs or salad dressing.

I’ve heard about mixing up vinegar and water to clean mirrors and windows. I grew up using a vinegar soak to keep new bikinis bright. Recently, I learned that there’s a whole community online talking about the ways you can use vinegar and other natural ingredients in household cleaning.

I guess I have hard water because my sinks have gotten this gunk from limescale that won’t come off with regular cleaners. I was googling what to do about it, and I came across vinegar. Articles said to soak a cloth in vinegar and let it sit on the spots for a few hours. On some sinks, I had more luck than others.

Before: yuck!
Before: yuck!

In the bathroom, I poured the vinegar on, scrubbed a little with an old toothbrush, and then poured a little more on and let it sit for about half an hour before the white stuff just scrubbed right off. It felt like a miracle!

Look how clean it got!
Look how clean it got!

The kitchen was a different story. I probably should have tested a small spot first, because the vinegar wasn’t working so well. One site suggested putting a ziplock over the vinegar soaked cloth, so I tried that and left it on for a few hours. It ATE AWAY at the finish and seemed to corrode part of the faucet. Yes, the green limescale came off of the sink, but so did some of the finish. My boyfriend came over and was excited because he thinks the sink looks a lot better, but I’m voting for a new fixture.

Anyway, I would say that the best thing to do is to scrub with the vinegar and to leave it on for only a little while. I wouldn’t do the whole vinegar soaked cloth thing again. It seemed like a lot more work, and not really worth the risk of corroding the sink.

Bench, Please

Lately, I’ve been looking around for pieces to help a friend’s living room shine. During my search, I’ve become obsessed with benches.

Yeah, a weird thing to be obsessed with, but I guess that comes with the territory when you’re always looking at furniture. Anyway… I came across this bench on Chairish yesterday and can’t get it out of my head. It’s handmade, I love the way the back is lighter, and it just oozes chic.

Bench Chairish Jpeg

If you haven’t heard of Chairish yet, it is kind of like Etsy meets 1st Dibs. A lot of the stuff is vintage, some is handmade or rehabbed, and, generally speaking, the stuff is higher quality than Etsy, and a little less pricey than 1stDibs.

Rose Bowl on a Rainy Day

Yesterday I decided to check out the Rose Bowl Flea. Because it was raining, I went ready to find a good deal (I figured people would be bargaining because of the weather.)

I found some good stuff, but it wasn’t as great as usual. I’m sure people didn’t want to have their really good stuff out in the rain. I ended up buying one side table for a friend, but that vendor wasn’t really budging on the price. I guess fewer sales meant less negotiating.

Anyway, here are my flea market finds from yesterday:

This desk was very cool. Loved the green details.
This is the little side table I ended up buying. I think it will look great stained a little darker. The patina is really pretty, and the claw feet are fun.



These desks were super cool. I’m not sure what the top part is for, though. Any ideas?