Rose Bowl on a Rainy Day

Yesterday I decided to check out the Rose Bowl Flea. Because it was raining, I went ready to find a good deal (I figured people would be bargaining because of the weather.)

I found some good stuff, but it wasn’t as great as usual. I’m sure people didn’t want to have their really good stuff out in the rain. I ended up buying one side table for a friend, but that vendor wasn’t really budging on the price. I guess fewer sales meant less negotiating.

Anyway, here are my flea market finds from yesterday:

This desk was very cool. Loved the green details.
This is the little side table I ended up buying. I think it will look great stained a little darker. The patina is really pretty, and the claw feet are fun.



These desks were super cool. I’m not sure what the top part is for, though. Any ideas?

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