Of this leather and rosewood sofa by Hans Olsen currently at Lawson-Fenning.


It would be perfect in my office.


Weekend Getaway in Napa

I just got home from a long weekend in Napa, CA. I ate, drank, biked (to vineyards!) and, of course, checked out some antiques. The first night, I had dinner at Oenotri in the super cute area of “downtown” Napa. Walking around after dinner, I stumbled upon Antiques on Second and decided to come back the next day. Let me just say: based solely on the stuff at Antiques on Second, I am already planning a trip to drive up to Napa, check out other stores (there seem to be plenty from what I saw driving around) and buy stuff. Here’s what I found (and loved):

striped box
I just loved this old rustic box. I think it would bring balance to a room full of designer pieces.
Love these vintage wine/ liquor jugs. They are HUGE and would look amazing anywhere. The wood around them is perfect as-is.
pepsi cooler
I’m obsessing over this green pepsi cooler! It reminds me of the RC Cola cooler than attracted me to Finders Keepers’ display at the Rose Bowl in the first place!
They labeled this a “Chinese Foot Bath.” I love the color and wear. It reminds me of a finish you’d expect on an African neck rest.
This old ice cream machine just screams “Americana” to me.
This doll wardrobe reminds me of the cabinets you’d find for saints in Santa Fe. Love the patina.
I’m not sure what this is, but I like the color and the nautical vibe!
This milk carrier is cool.
Finally, my favorite piece!! I am still obsessing over this butcher block table!

Antiques on Second is located at 1370 2nd Street in Napa, CA