Small Collections

I’m all about small collections. I think having small collections gives a place character and makes it feel home-y. I have small collections of different dishes, glasses, and serving pieces from all over. I’ve been collecting them for years. Actually, I got into rehabbing furniture because I would want chairs or tables from the stores where I was looking for crystal.

I have silver, pewter, stoneware, crystal glasses and vases. I’ve given them as gifts, lost some, broken some. That takes us to what I’m talking about today…

Depression glass! This is my measly collection.


I love mixing these pieces in with everything. They’re fancy without being too serious. They seem to make the table sparkle!

The thing about depression glass is that you can find it all over and it comes in all kinds of colors (green, blue, pink!) Over the years,  my collection has taken a hit. I’ve been on the lookout for interesting pieces and recently added the bowl from an antique store in Temecula.

This past weekend, I drove up to Big Sur and stopped in Los Alamos on a whim. It was amazing! I will definitely be going back (more on that later this week.)

Imagine my surprise when I found an exact match to my bowl!


How cool is that!? The exact same bowl found in different parts of the state!

Looking down at them.

Now my collection is looking more like a collection!


I guess my next step is finding some more blue pieces to throw in the mix!


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