Why I Love LA

After nearly 4 weeks in and out of town, with two separate trips to the East Coast, I’m back in LA! It has been a busy month. While I had a great time, there is nothing like time away to make you appreciate home even more.

During my travels, I visited Orlando, San Francisco, Berkeley, and New York.

Orlando was to spend time with family and recharge on my thesis work. I saw some cool rustic finds in Orlando’s Winter Park, but the highlight was really a quick day trip to Harry Potter World (yeah, I’m a nerd!) I loved the way all of the shop windows were decorated. There was so much detail and everything felt magical, which is what they were going for, I guess. šŸ˜›

Enjoying a butterbeer inĀ Diagon Alley.

In Berkeley, I spent time on campus getting inspired and worked on my thesis in my favorite cafe from my college years, La Note. Everything is French and they have lattes in bowls, which are perfect for a cozy day studying.


In New York I checked out the Whitney, visited friends and family, and saw some amazing furniture and antique jewelry.

I fell in love with this piece, called Brooklyn Bridge: Variation on and Old Theme by Joseph Stella.

Now I’m back in Los Angeles and have been working all week on a quick office rehab for a growing tech company. Im really excited to share the results with you guys!
While traveling is fun, all week I have found myself listing reasons why I love Los Angeles. Here are the top reasons:

  • Having my own car. It is so much easier to get around than public transportation!
  • The amazing weather. Who wants to be too hot or too cold!?
  • My cute patio garden. My tomatoes and strawberries are loving our version of Fall weather!
  • My favorite thrift shops!

Today, I finally made it to my favorite thrift shop and found a silver platter for a friend. It is SO gratifying to find the perfect piece that someone has been searching out for so long.

Love finding silver!



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