When The Paint Breaks

Dropped the spray paint can and still tried to use it with the nozzle broken, so I ended up with paint all over my hands!

#1 rule of painting: DON’T WASH OFF WET PAINT. (Well, that’s my rule… maybe also to always use a drop cloth.) Wet paint becomes a slimy, spready mess and gets everywhere if you try to wash it off. It is much easier to let the paint dry then get it off. 

I always use acetone polish remover on a cotton ball because I always have it around the house (it’s also a great way to get paint and other stains off gel polish- a quick swipe and you’re good as new!) After the polish remover, the paint is pretty much gone and I wash the area and go on with my day.

Do you guys have any tips for getting paint off your skin?


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