Easy DIY Blue and White Pumpkins

By the time Halloween rolls around, I’m getting tired of my Halloween decor. I’ve seen other bloggers already putting up Christmas decor, but I refuse to jump the gun. For me, November is dedicated to Fall decorating.

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for ways to shake up your Halloween or Fall decor in unexpected ways. I recently saw a post on Town & Country’s Instagram for blue and white Japanese porcelain inspired pumpkins and knew I had to try jazzing up my little white pumpkins! They ended up super cute and I’m feeling all kinds of inspired thinking about how to use them!

How cute is that!? Best part, it is super easy!

And you really only need 1-2 things other than the pumpkin, and you probably already have them around the house.


Yep, simple sharpies! I ended up using the dark and light blue because I wanted a little color variation.

I started by searching blue and white China patterns and loved this for its simplicity.

Now I’m not the best at freehand drawing so I wasn’t up for drawing the complicated patterns on Japanese porcelain. Plus, simple= fast and easy.

Step 1: put dots on pumpkin.

I scattered them around and after drawing the first couple of flowers, added more if it was too sparse.

Step 2: draw the petals.

More dots! Just put dots around the light colors that act as the center of the flower. I found that it looked better to have separation between the petals and center.

Step 3: draw the stems and leaves.

I liked the look of curved stems. Do them in different directions to create some movement/ the look that the flowers were dropped there.

Step 4: fill it in!

How cute is that!? It probably took 5 minutes. I like adding more pattern on the bottom and top for some pizazz.

I saw a vase with a similar pattern and doodled this for fun. A Greek key pattern or something with repeated lines or symmetrical elements would also look great.

I love that the flowers almost remind me of a fabric. And I LOVE how simple they were to create a totally new look. I’m definitely going to be using these in a table setting this week!

Happy rehabbing!


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