DIY Marshmallow Reindeer and Snowmen

This is a bit of a flashback, as these guys were my favorite Christmas DIY of last year. They were a big hit among my friend’s kids, too!

It all started when I was shopping at Williams Sonoma and came across marshmallow snowmen that were so cute. I knew they’d make the perfect gift paired with fancy hot cocoa, but when I realized each pack of 4 cost $13 (!!) the idea for an easy DIY formed.

First things first, I put the offensively expensive snowmen down and marched out the door. I went to the grocery store and got marshmallows, sticks from the baking section, and packets of icing. I chose these nifty icing writers that you just snip. I was being lazy and didn’t want to make icing, and, honestly, who wants the mess of making a ton of icing? Let’s keep it easy! Disclaimer: I couldn’t find a brown icing writer so I bought a white icing tube and brown food coloring.

Here are my supplies. I put out some wax paper to control the mess and keep my counters from getting sticky.

Next, I put the marshmallows on the sticks.

The next step was the most fun! I practiced some squiggles on the wax paper then started “drawing” on my reindeers and snowmen.

For the reindeer, I kept it simple with red noses, black dots for eyes, and scarves for some festive color. Also, you may notice I drew “upside down” compared to the Williams Sonoma version. I did this because I wanted them sticking out the top of stockings.

I let them “dry” for several hours and put pairs in plastic favor bags for gifting (sorry for the dark photo- it was late!)

The great thing about these is that they’re easy, inexpensive, and have a big impact! I paired them with fancy hot chocolates as stocking stuffers. You could even get cute mugs from Marshall’s or TJ Max, put a hot cocoa packet inside, and top them off with these babies for a festive gift!


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