Hand Made Stamped Linen Napkins

photo 4 copyI got the idea for making hand stamped napkins because I’ve been seeing a lot of fabrics with geometric patterns lately, and everything I’ve been liking has been out of my budget.

Like any good rehabber, that just means a DIY project is on the horizon.


I found this article from Apartment Therapy on how to make the napkins. I got half a yard of linen from the local fabric store. Then I washed the linen to pre-shrink. After that, I got to cutting. The only difference from the tutorial is that I couldn’t get my linen to rip (it was 100% so I don’t know why) so I ended up cutting it and then just fraying the edges myself.

I remembered an article about using fruit and veggie stamps from Parents magazine. I cut a triangle out of a potato and got to working.

The potato stamp with paint.

The potato stamp with paint.

I got two colors of fabric paint and mixed them to the grey that I wanted. Then painted it onto the potato for even distribution. A couple of times, I dropped the brush or the potato or moved it around a bit, so there are imperfections. I think that just adds character.

I wanted to play with the patterns and ended up making all of the napkins different.

The finished napkins (I still need to pull the threads out of one.)

The finished napkins (I still need to pull the threads out of one.)

I think they ended up pretty good, don’t you?

*note: be sure to put something under the fabric you are stamping. You don’t want the paint to bleed through and stain your work surface!


Five Minute, $5 Holiday Fix

My favorite part of the holidays is decorating. It is hardly ever cold in LA, so its especially important to make your house feel extra homey so it feels like the holidays.

Other than decorating the tree, I like to put poinsettias everywhere. Usually they just come in the plastic containers or are wrapped in that bright shiny red or green paper that just never seems to be the right color.

Here's what I was working with before... these pots just aren't working.

Here’s what I was working with before… these pots just kill the effect.

Since I have a black thumb, my plants never last much longer than the holidays, so I don’t want to spend a ton of time and money buying pots and transferring the plants. Wandering through the giftwrap aisle, I had a brilliant idea. What if I just wrapped them in ribbon and called it a day?

I set out on a quick search for burlap looking ribbon, and lucked out when I found a roll of extra thick ribbon for $5 at World Market. At home, I just cut the ribbon in sections and wrapped it around the plastic pots, tying a loose knot to secure the ribbon.

I am pretty pleased with the results! The plants look a million times better and there was a minimal amount of work and cost. That’s what I call Roadside Rehab!


After! I still have to keep them in the little trays to protect the floor, but they really don’t bother me.


The beginnings of my little holiday nook.