Thanksgiving Spruce Up

This year, I’ve taken a hard stance on decorating for Christmas too early. I feel like everyone is straight up skipping Thanksgiving. Other bloggers were decorating for Christmas before Halloween! I feel like that’s a missed opportunity for a whole month of decorating for and celebrating Turkey Day.

That got me thinking… What better time of year than right before the holidays to spruce up your home and get prepared for all of the guests you’re sure to have?! And why not this weekend!?

I started thinking about ways to make a big impact in your home for not a lot of money. You don’t actually need all new furniture to make your space feel new again. You just need to clean up, clean out, and get a few key items that make a big difference. And I’m going to tell you what you need to do to make a big impact!

Essentially, you could change the whole vibe of your place this weekend! Spend Saturday cleaning up and cleaning out, go pick up some of these basics Sunday, and, voila! You’ll be ready for Turkey Day next week (and just switch this stuff back in after the holidays, you’ll be a step ahead on your New Year’s clean up!)

I started by cleaning out my closet and drawers, and posted a ton of my clothes on Poshmark, then donated the rest. I used the extra cash I made selling and went to Target and stocked up on a lot of the items I from Hearth & Hand from my last post (I may have gone a little nuts there, I ended up with the rug, place mats, mugs, bowls, and even Christmas decor…oops!)

So, my shopping trip aside, the items that will make a big impact in your home and get you prepared for the holidays are these:

Thanksgiving spruce up

You might notice that some of these items will take you through the holidays and into the new year. That’s the point– get a lot of bang for your buck! Okay, now to breakdown the list:

Throw pillows

pottery barn washed velvet pillow cover

No need to buy a new couch. Get rid of your pillows that are looking old and flat (I have them, too!) and replace them with some new pillows in seasonal colors. I love that these velvet pillows feel so luxurious! You can make a huge impact in a room with throw pillows. Put them on your couch, in lounge chairs, on your bed. Bonus points because you can just change these pillow covers as the seasons change!

A Cozy Blankie

pottery barn cozy pom pom throw

When you get rid of your tired old pillows, create a space for ultimate hygge (coziness!) by adding a new throw to your couch or the end of your bed. I love these options because they’re neutral enough to work for other times of year based on what you pair them with.


Pottery barn flameless candles

Lighting is often overlooked and so important. Candles like these create a romantic glow that just screams holidays. Plus, everyone looks better in candlelight. I love that these candles are flameless, so there’s little risk if you have little ones running around and it’s not a big deal if you forget to blow them out.

Silverware Caddy

silverware caddy

This silverware caddy is super cute, and I love having a way for guests to grab what they need without going through my drawers or having to do a formal table scape.

silverware caddy

I also really love this one!

Another (cheaper) option that I love for silverware is using 3 mason jars and just filling them up with flatware- one for forks, one for knives, and one for spoons.

Display Pieces

My dad always says, “presentation is everything,” and I agree. Having cool display pieces can take a normal meal up a notch and make your guests feel special.

Hearth and Hand cutting board

I’m all about creating a cheese and charcuterie display using stuff I picked up at Trader Joe’s but using a special cutting board like this one from Chip & Jo or platter to elevate the feeling.

galvanized metal display

I also love playing with the height of items in my displays. Having layers creates visual interest, and is another hack in making your spread feel special with minimal work. I love that this galvanized metal piece can take you through the holidays, and that it works just as well for a spring or summer display!

Folding Chairs

Sure, you don’t need extra chairs taking up space in your home most of the time, but folding chairs are amazing. You can store them away in the extra closet space you have from that clean out, and just pull them out when unexpected guests pop in.

folding chairs

I love using folding chairs like these when we have parties, and I end up using them multiple times throughout the year.

Bonus item: A bar cart!

I love having drinks displayed on a bar cart when friends come over. It keeps guests out of the kitchen and gives you a chance to make a special display. I like to decorate mine with vintage glasses and one of my vintage ice buckets, and a variety of liquor, of course! Bar carts are also a great way to display seasonal items.

This is actually the exact bar cart that I own.

Aiden bar cart

I also love this bar cart, especially if you want to top it with the galvanized stand above.

I hope you guys are feeling motivated to complete your own pre-holiday spruce up! Everything on this list is from Target or Pottery Barn (except the second bar cart, which is from World Market, and the folding chairs, which are at Bed Bath and Beyond) so you can get in and get out and you don’t spend all day running around before the holidays start to get really crazy!


Favorites from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Chip and Jo Gaines have done it again. Yesterday marked the launch of their new line Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target. It is great! I love any pieces that translate to easy entertaining, and they’ve provided. They have neutral black and white dishes with pops of green, white kitchen towels, throws, and napkins with black or grey accents, and even a cute door mat. I love the galvenized metal touches throughout the collection, and for those that don’t like silver, they’ve included gold. Everything is mix and match.

Yes, there are a couple of things that left me scratching my head (a goat cookie cutter… like, whyyyy?) but for the most part, anything you scoop up is going to be great, especially for all of the holiday entertaining you’re going to do! And why not pick up some gifts for the Fixer Upper fans in your life?

Here are my favorites from the collection.


Hearth and Hand Rug
I love this natural fiber rug with a neutral pattern because it can last past the holidays.
Hearth and Hand Wreath
This wreath was the first item I saw, and I knew I’d love the whole collection. I love how it is understated but pretty.

For the table:

Hearth and Hand Plate
Who doesn’t love a simple white plate? The shape keeps this contemporary.
Hearth and Hand Smoke Glass Vases
I normally don’t love smoked glass, but these vases work. I can just see them as centerpieces for a dinner party.
Hearth and Hand White Tray
Give me all of the serving pieces.
Hearth and Hand Black Tray
I’ll take both!
I love these neutral striped napkins. They’d be awesome for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time of year.
Hearth and Hand Cutting Board
Go- to gift alert. This acacia cutting board with a leather handle screams special. Best part? It’s only $14.99!

You can check out more of the collection on and in stores now!

Easy DIY Blue and White Pumpkins

By the time Halloween rolls around, I’m getting tired of my Halloween decor. I’ve seen other bloggers already putting up Christmas decor, but I refuse to jump the gun. For me, November is dedicated to Fall decorating.

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for ways to shake up your Halloween or Fall decor in unexpected ways. I recently saw a post on Town & Country’s Instagram for blue and white Japanese porcelain inspired pumpkins and knew I had to try jazzing up my little white pumpkins! They ended up super cute and I’m feeling all kinds of inspired thinking about how to use them!

How cute is that!? Best part, it is super easy!

And you really only need 1-2 things other than the pumpkin, and you probably already have them around the house.


Yep, simple sharpies! I ended up using the dark and light blue because I wanted a little color variation.

I started by searching blue and white China patterns and loved this for its simplicity.

Now I’m not the best at freehand drawing so I wasn’t up for drawing the complicated patterns on Japanese porcelain. Plus, simple= fast and easy.

Step 1: put dots on pumpkin.

I scattered them around and after drawing the first couple of flowers, added more if it was too sparse.

Step 2: draw the petals.

More dots! Just put dots around the light colors that act as the center of the flower. I found that it looked better to have separation between the petals and center.

Step 3: draw the stems and leaves.

I liked the look of curved stems. Do them in different directions to create some movement/ the look that the flowers were dropped there.

Step 4: fill it in!

How cute is that!? It probably took 5 minutes. I like adding more pattern on the bottom and top for some pizazz.

I saw a vase with a similar pattern and doodled this for fun. A Greek key pattern or something with repeated lines or symmetrical elements would also look great.

I love that the flowers almost remind me of a fabric. And I LOVE how simple they were to create a totally new look. I’m definitely going to be using these in a table setting this week!

Happy rehabbing!

Crazy for Cocktail Caddies

They’re my latest obsession. You know, those things you can put a bunch of glasses in and conveniently carry around the party to serve the drinks, transport glasses, or simply use create an extra fancy display. Since I love cocktails and LOVE collecting funky vintage glassware, collecting drink caddies seems like a logical next step, right? (Support me in my hoarding here!)

My interest was piqued by this beautiful gold set listed on One Kings Lane.

Yes, it is stunning, gorgeous, everything one could hope for in a cocktail set. Except it rings in around $450. All of you, my dear Rehabbers, know that wasn’t gonna fly for me. Okay, maybe it would if I wasn’t going to accumulate several or was buying it for a super special occasion or gift, but as a “just for fun” purchase, I just had to look to see what else was out there. Boy, was I glad I did!

I’m gonna take you through a few of my favorite finds. I found a medium priced set, a cheaper set, an even cheaper set and one wild card that was too cute not to show you!

Medium Priced Set

This is a set of shot glasses from RegencyMod on Etsy and it rings in at $169. While it’s not 24K Gold like the One Kings Lane set, the price difference shines.

Cheaper Set

This is a set of 4 full sized glasses with matching coasters sold by 14th Street Vintage on Etsy. It rings in at $75. MyrasMagicMiscellany on Etsy has a similar set for $70! These actually match the previous set, so if you really wanna go crazy, you can get both and still ring at about half price of the ultra luxe set!

Even Cheaper Set

I LOVE the holder on this set. These shot glasses have a cute heart and flower motif. This set of 8 shot glasses with the holder rings in at only $32 from KatePearceVintage on Etsy!

Wild Card!

I love, love, love this set. I may even buy this one for myself if one of you don’t scoop it up first. I have been actively trying not to buy, so this one is your gain! It rings in at $31.44 on ZenZetty’s Esty shop.

Any of these would be perfect to use during holiday parties or to give as gifts. I can just imagine one sitting out on the bar next to my record player while having friends over to decorate the tree.

Are you ready to get your collection of cocktail caddies going?

Happy hunting, Rehabbers!

(I have no affiliation with any of these sites or shops and this post is not sponsored in any way.)

Featured Chair: Tre Pezzi by Franco Albini

Featured Chair: Tre Pezzi by Franco Albini

I love the Tre Pezzi chair. What’s not to love?


The carriage and stature reminds me of a distinguished gentleman. Tre Pezzi means 3 pieces. Makes sense, right?

You can currently find new versions at Cassina, but if you want the real thing, these are incredibly hard to find. I was once looking for an original, and I had a dealer LAUGH IN MY FACE when they realized I was serious.


This midcentury style was designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, and is one of my favorite all time finds.

I love the fuzz!

Cheap and Chic No Sew Easter Pillow Cover DIY

Cheap and Chic No Sew Easter Pillow Cover DIY

I love decorating my house for every holiday. Even more so because here in LA we generally have two seasons- warm and sunny and hot and sunny.

Easter is one of my favorites (okay, every holiday is my favorite!) because I love using all the springtime colors. You know what DOESN’T go with springtime colors? Red! I have these red pillows on my couch that are ultra comfy, but pretty much only work at Christmas.

The offending red pillow!

Instead of changing out my pillows or buying expensive covers at a store, I decided to go with a cheaper solution and make some Easter-y, springy pillow covers. My first thought was to use burlap, but I wasn’t feeling any of the weaves I saw at the craft store. Canvas was on sale, so I got some for $6 and headed home.

YES, I MADE OVER MY PILLOWS FOR $6! I had all of the materials at home, so you may spend a little more, but if you’re an avid rehabber, you’re really only paying for the fabric itself.

Here’s what you need for this project:

  • Fabric
  • Fabric paint and a paint brush
  • Liquid stitch (or a needle and thread or your sewing machine. Depending on the fabric you choose, you may need a heavy duty needle.)
  • Fabric scissors (well, you don’t really need them, but why would you do that to yourself?!)

Your first step would usually be to wash your fabric, but since I’m only going to be using these pillows for about a month and I’m super lazy, I skipped this step. I just ironed the major creases out of the fabric so that I would be able to get a good, straight cut. I put my pillow on top of the fabric to measure what I’d need and cut out my three pieces. To put the pillows together, I used this tutorial from Amy at Homey Oh My since I’ve only ever made pillows using my machine or by hand.

After cutting out fabric pieces came the fun part- painting! Using pencil (couldn’t find my fabric pen or chalk), I lightly traced a bunny form that I had on hand. If you’re good at drawing, you could totally sketch something out. Then I painted over and filled in my outline with white fabric paint. Easy!

My bunny right after painting, right before drying overnight.

I let my bunny dry overnight then got to gluing. This is where you really want to pay attention to Amy’s tutorial!

Yes, I did use a trash bag to protect the floor from glue, just in case! I used the triangle to make sure I applied the glue straight on the edges.

Here’s where I made a mistake– when you’re sewing and pinning fabric, it is easy to see if you put a piece on backwards. When you’re gluing, make sure you check before you apply the glue! I put the back pieces on backwards, which ended up being okay because I like a rustic look. But if I was sewing, it would have been easy to just rip out the seam.

Here’s where I messed up! Make sure to check how everything lines up before you glue!

I let the cover dry for the day, then flipped it inside out and stuffed the red pillow inside. Voila! A whole new look!

Beach Chic Guest Room

A quick design for a simple beach-inspired room for a friend’s guest room that will be renting out on AirBnB.

We are working with an existing all white, modern bed and dresser, and sticking to a MAJOR budget, my specialty!

I love the pops of color in the flamingo lamp and the Gray Malin poster!