Inlay Effect: Making a $10 Table Look Luxe

Yes, I am all about inlay. Yes, I have been debating getting a similar effect with stencil, yes I struggled to find just the right side table to stencil, and, yes, I had a bit of trouble learning the "right" way to stencil. The key seems to be patience, which I severely lack. And since... Continue Reading →

Flea Market Flip Favorites: The Liberace-tastic Ritts Table

Let me start out by saying that I LOVED everything we made on HGTV's Flea Market Flip. While I was so proud of the bed-to-bench and another bench was my baby, I absolutely loved this lucite table by the Ritts Company.┬áIt was a last minute buy at the end of the day (super marked down!)... Continue Reading →

Flea Market Flip Favorites

It is nearly impossible to choose a favorite project from when Shea and I competed on HGTV's Flea Market Flip. I think that I am the most proud of the bed-into-a-bench job that we did. I loved the colors we ended up choosing, and it was my own personal mission to mix the blue with... Continue Reading →

Recently, I was found these babies in the parking lot of an office where I was interviewing. When I was leaving, I snuck around to where they were sitting and stuffed them in the back seat of my car. They were in bad shape- moldy, stinky messes. They have good bones, though, and I just... Continue Reading →

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