$10 Side Table Transformation

Recently a friend gave me a couple of things for helping her pick out some new furniture pieces for her house. Among them was this side table. It was in awful condition-- it was super scratched up and had even been stored outside for awhile. Not necessarily the shape or style I would normally choose,... Continue Reading →

Another Imaginary Room!

I've probably been spending a little too much time online because I have so many photos to create imaginary rooms with! This one started with the chair. I love the pops of red, white, blue, and green! I've got a chair I've been working on, and it just hasn't been going anywhere because I've been... Continue Reading →

Current Obsession: Linen Settees

So my current obsession is linen seating. I just can't help it, its just so... chic. Now you might be asking "where did this random obsession come from?!" Here's my story. In Paris, I came across a blue linen settee that the vendor had rehabbed himself. It was SO charming, but it was also SO... Continue Reading →

Everyone knows that ombre is all the rage right now. You can see it in hair, on fingertips, in fashion, and now in home design. I found this super cute set for sale on Craigslist the other day. I just love how the ombre effect plays out on this pair. This would be a really... Continue Reading →

I'm slowly buy surely finishing up this dining set. I had a very specific vision of how this set should look, and am so picky about color that it has been difficult to get it right. I actually ended up going to Tiffany in order to grab a catalog to have the color matched for... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Project I: Penny Stain

So we all know that not¬†everything we read on the Internet is true. But what about Pinterest? Well, I learned the hard way that not everything on Pinterest works. I've had great experiences with recipes and stain removers. I saw a post about an easy roll-up curtain, so I went and got all the materials,... Continue Reading →

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