Five Minute, $5 Holiday Fix

My favorite part of the holidays is decorating. It is hardly ever cold in LA, so its especially important to make your house feel extra homey so it feels like the holidays. Other than decorating the tree, I like to put poinsettias everywhere. Usually they just come in the plastic containers or are wrapped in... Continue Reading →

Natural Elements for Fall Decorating

I love┬ádecorating around the house using natural elements... especially in the Fall. It is a surefire way to change the whole vibe of your space with minimal effort. There is so much more you can do to get ready for fall than adding an old tired wreath of fake orange and red leaves. I have... Continue Reading →

Today I happened across this pillow, which was marked down to $45 from $87. My immediate reaction was, "I wonder if you could use a bleach pen on burlap and make the same thing for a couple of bucks?" Then I thought, well, once you go buy the burlap, bleach pen, and pillow insert, then... Continue Reading →

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