Featured Chair: Tre Pezzi by Franco Albini

Featured Chair: Tre Pezzi by Franco Albini

I love the Tre Pezzi chair. What’s not to love?


The carriage and stature reminds me of a distinguished gentleman. Tre Pezzi means 3 pieces. Makes sense, right?

You can currently find new versions at Cassina, but if you want the real thing, these are incredibly hard to find. I was once looking for an original, and I had a dealer LAUGH IN MY FACE when they realized I was serious.


This midcentury style was designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, and is one of my favorite all time finds.

I love the fuzz!

Big Article Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I will be posting the second installment of “Industry Influencers” and I’m super excited about this interview!

Here’s a hint– you may have seen this post on my @chair_candy Instagram:

BD Red
From @chair_candy on Insta. You can check out the page for another clue on the interviewee!

Favorite Finds: Big Daddy’s Antiques

I’ve been digging on Big Daddy’s Antiques for years.

A great place for unique finds and rehab inspiration; it has been really wonderful to watch them grow so quickly.

They even have a new branch of stores called Georgia Brown (Big Daddy’s daughter!) cropping up. (Look for a Beverly Hills location soon.)

Here are my favorite finds from a trip to BD’s this weekend:

Everyone knows I can’t resist a wingback!
Loved the finish on this.
Sold, but this fabric is divine.



Love the look of these chairs, and they’re numbered!
Wasn’t sure if I was allowed to sit here, but I like breaking the rules.

Visit Big Daddy at 3334 La Cienega Pl, Los Angeles, 90016

Trend Report: Color, Color, Color

photophoto copy

A while back, someone sent me a  couple of pictures of this catalog from Crate and Barrel saying, “Look! Colored chairs- you’re ahead of the curve!” (Referring to my table with multicolored chairs set, aka the project that would never end!)

I just love getting messages like this one.
Even coming across it in my email this morning made me smile, because, after all, who doesn’t want to be ahead of the curve!?

More Chairs!


I’m slowly buy surely finishing up this dining set. I had a very specific vision of how this set should look, and am so picky about color that it has been difficult to get it right. I actually ended up going to Tiffany in order to grab a catalog to have the color matched for this paint. It’s only the first coat of paint and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these babies!
Obviously this set is going to be good for someone who loves bright colors (coming from someone who loves brights: I painted this room hot pink to emphasize a lime green kitchen.)

Goodwill Glam: A Fantastic Find!

Goodwill Glam: A Fantastic Find!

I just bought these babies at my favorite Goodwill. I saw them about a week ago, couldn’t get them out of my head, then realized it just must be fate when I saw a similar set at a friend’s house on Easter Sunday. I headed back to Goodwill, and low and behold, they were sitting there, under a pile of junk. There were only three of the four left, and one was in pretty bad shape, so I opted for a set of two.

I’m really loving the backs of these chairs and the details on the legs. I think I’m just going to stain them a little darker and cover the seats with a traditional looking graphic patterned fabric. Looking forward to sharing the end results!!

Lesson in Textiles II: When Bad Things Happen to Good Furniture

Lesson in Textiles II: When Bad Things Happen to Good Furniture

Just an example of how the wrong fabric can completely ruin a piece.
I actually thought these were being sold with the intention of being reupholstered. Okay, this may be the right fabric if you have a jungle theme or are a thirteen year old girl, but I generally wouldn’t choose cheetah print for something I’m selling. They kinda had a Flinstone’s vibe, but the fabric was so totally fake…
Surprisingly (to me), a lady was flipping for these and actually jumped on me for asking the price ($100 for the set- a more neutral fabric could double the asking price, IMO).
At the end of the day, these chairs sold because the right buyer came along, but it was definitely a risk.

A Lesson in Colors and Textiles

So it’s pretty basic that color and fabric can completely transform a piece of furniture. The right combo can take something you want to hide in the corner to a showpiece that everyone loves. The wrong picks can make a piece that was already pretty good look pretty terrible. I saw a lot both today at the Long Beach flea market.

2013-03-17 13.33.40

Not as big (therefore not as intimidating) as the Rose Bowl flea market, Long Beach still had a wide variety of stuff. It had great vintage clothes, dishes and colored glass as far as the eye can see, lots of pieces of furniture sitting there just waiting to be rehabbed, and some really creative finished items. It didn’t seem as crowded as Rose Bowl or even Fairfax, but I went at the end of the day, so it may have died down by then. Anyway, I left feeling super inspired.

So, walking down the aisles, searching for that perfect piece for my next project, I nearly choked when I stumbled upon chairs just like my roadside find I recently finished. Remember this post? These chairs?!

Finished chair

Well, they were just like them but different. Different fabric, different paint, different feel.

I loved mine so much I couldn’t bear to sell them. These just weren’t my style… but it was cool to see someone else’s take on the exact same piece. It really goes to show how much difference the paint and fabric can make!

2013-03-17 13.33.35
Another view of the chairs in Long Beach. I wonder if they found them on the side of the road, too?

Roadside Finds: Dining Chairs

Roadside Find: Before

Recently, I was found these babies in the parking lot of an office where I was interviewing. When I was leaving, I snuck around to where they were sitting and stuffed them in the back seat of my car. They were in bad shape- moldy, stinky messes. They have good bones, though, and I just knew they were save-able.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

I started out by taking the seats off. I ripped off the fabric and discovered that the foam couldn’t be saved. I pulled out all of the rusty old staples and sprayed the wood bottoms of the chairs with a bleach solution to kill the mold. Getting new seats was simple- I went to a foam store with the wood and had new cushions cut. Sanding the chairs was a real pain- my electric sander wouldn’t fit into some of the curves so there was a lot of hand sanding. There were a couple of unsightly holes in the sides of the chairs, so I filled them with layers of plastic wood.When it came time to paint, the finish wasn’t coming out quite right. I did a quick web search and made a little discovery. These two words will change your life. Ready?

TACK CLOTH! (Hey, I’m still learning here!) Normally, I would just wipe off pieces before painting, but tack cloth makes all the difference- it makes paint go on super smooth. Since I had decided to give the chairs a little sheen, this was really important.

After a couple of coats of paint, they were ready to be covered, and before I knew it, they were done. I originally intended to sell them, but love them so much I can’t bare to part with them quite yet.

Finished chair