Just for Fun… Some Easy Project Ideas

I am loving these looks right now… apparently I am ALL about the COLOR this week! ūüôā
Not sure where the photos came from, I’ve just shimmied them into the “inspiration” folder on my desktop over the past week.

Love, love, love the look of this desk. The blue paint could really brighten up an old desk!
Loving this faux bamboo look that is taking over right now! This would be perfect in hot pink!
Loving this faux bamboo look that is taking over right now! This would be perfect in hot pink!
This drum table was listed at $429 on One Kings Lane. Love it! If you found something similar at a flea market/ thrift store, the look would be easy to recreate with a can of spray paint.
This drum table was listed at $429 on One Kings Lane. Love it! If you found something similar at a flea market/ thrift store, the look would be easy to recreate with a can of spray paint.

Notice a common theme (other than color) going on here? All of these items would make for pretty easy projects (the chair would probably be the hardest one because you’d have to re-upholser depending on what you find.) A coat of paint and you’re pretty much done. Perfect ideas for time pressed rehabbers who want to breathe new life into their space!

Obsessed, In Love, Don’t Know What to Do With Myself

Obsessed, In Love, Don't Know What to Do With Myself

Maybe I’m a little dramatic, but this blue pine table from One Kings Lane is the stuff I dream about at night! The vintage-y goodness of the shape, the colors, the chippy paint… okay, I’m drooling.

Even better? It’s on clearance!!! I love it so so much, but unfortunately am not on the market for a new table. Still, had to share, and it IS great inspiration for upcoming projects!

Here’s a link to check it out!

When to (Not) Quit: Tricolor Table

Remember my post about  knowing when to quit?

Apparently I don’t.

And that’s not always a bad thing. Here’s a picture of the dining set¬†finally¬†finished (and I’m so, so happy with it!!!)

2013-07-29 12.46.14
How cute is this?! Note the orange tray from my DIY Tray post!

The neutral gray legs and chairs balance out the bright orange and Tiffany Blue. I’m sneaky and took a Tiffany & Co. catalog to get matched at the paint store. I love this set so much I am tempted to keep it, but it would look terrible in my hot pink dining room and wouldn’t be good for my hoarder-ish tendencies. Yeah, I just made up a word.

Anyway… here’s another pic!

side view table
Side view- don’t the colors work well together?

Okay, so I almost quit… but I couldn’t give up that easily. Plus the chairs were basically done, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to mess with it a little more.

I ended up staining the lighter side one more time then re-staining the whole thing, which made it a lot more even. I actually like the differences in the wood- it really shows that this isn’t a new piece, and I LOVE that it has history!

Table Top
Once it was all put together, I really don’t mind the difference in color. It is aged wood, after all, which is part of the beauty of up-cycling!

I’ll do another post with some before shots so you can see just how far it has come.

Love the Lines…

Love the Lines...

Of this gorgeous chair featured on One Kings Lane. No wonder it sold out in one day!
The color is pretty darn perfect, too. A dusty rose like this fits in pretty much anywhere.

If you wanted to get reeeeally crafty, you could make an extra pillow and cushion in a funky or striped fabric and switch them out depending on your mood!

More Chairs!


I’m slowly buy surely finishing up this dining set. I had a very specific vision of how this set should look, and am so picky about color that it has been difficult to get it right. I actually ended up going to Tiffany in order to grab a catalog to have the color matched for this paint. It’s only the first coat of paint and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these babies!
Obviously this set is going to be good for someone who loves bright colors (coming from someone who loves brights: I painted this room hot pink to emphasize a lime green kitchen.)

A Lesson in Colors and Textiles

So it’s pretty basic that color and fabric can¬†completely¬†transform a piece of furniture. The right combo can take something you want to hide in the corner to a showpiece that everyone loves. The wrong picks can make a piece that was already pretty good look pretty terrible. I saw a lot both today at the Long Beach flea market.

2013-03-17 13.33.40

Not as big (therefore not as intimidating) as the Rose Bowl flea market, Long Beach still had a wide variety of stuff. It had great vintage clothes, dishes and colored glass as far as the eye can see, lots of pieces of furniture sitting there just¬†waiting to be rehabbed, and some really creative finished items. It didn’t seem as crowded as Rose Bowl or even Fairfax, but I went at the end of the day, so it may have died down by then. Anyway, I left feeling super inspired.

So, walking down the aisles, searching for that perfect piece for my next project, I nearly choked when I stumbled upon chairs just like my roadside find I recently finished. Remember this post? These chairs?!

Finished chair

Well, they were just like them but different. Different fabric, different paint, different feel.

I loved mine so much I couldn’t bear to sell them. These just weren’t my style… but it was cool to see someone else’s take on the exact same piece. It really goes to show how much difference the paint and fabric can make!

2013-03-17 13.33.35
Another view of the chairs in Long Beach. I wonder if they found them on the side of the road, too?

Loving Lilly for Spring!


Being from the South, I love Lilly– Lilly Pulitzer, that is! There’s just something about getting back to your roots and remembering where you came from that makes home design that much more special. I grew up in a community with lots of golf and horse races, so that means lots of bright colored dresses. I may not wear tons of brights now, but I often wonder how to translate that happy homey feeling into my home.

I saw this article in Southern Living about a Lilly inspired lunch, and love the idea of using old patterns for table cloths and decor inspiration.


I would love to recover a chair using one of my old dresses- I would even love to find old fabric and make pillows for the living room! 

LillypulitzergreenbedroomThe rich color on the walls would be easy for any rehabber to achieve- then you just paint your furniture white and get some bold patterned fabric for the duvet/ pillows. It would be easy to achieve this look for less!


Obsessed With Orange

Obsessed With Orange

All about the brights is right. These babies came from the “Free” section on Craigslist (you may also recognize them stuffed into the car on the “Prius Problems” post.)

This picture gives you a good idea of how much difference some color can make. I’m still debating putting a coat of lacquer on the chairs.

When I sent this photo to my mom, all she said was “weird.” If this is weird, I really don’t mind. The most important thing to remember when picking out, buying, or refinishing something is to stick with what you like, what makes you happy. After all, you’re the one that is going to be looking at it every day. Why not love it?

All About the Brights: Joss and Main Today

The fastest way to combat winter blues? Add bright hues to your life (and living space!) Joss and Main has an “energizing hues” sale today, and these are a few of my favorite items:Laserena+PillowAime+Pillow+in+Desert Howard+Elliott+Casey+Wall+MirrorThe fastest way to change the look of your space is by changing throw pillows or wall art. It’s really an easy mood changer. If you’re patient, you can just buy the fabric and make pillows yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Getting Inspired

If you’re anything like me, you can scroll through sites for hours and hours to find inspiration. Wait, is that only me?

Mayyybe I’m a bit obsessed. I love going to new stores, looking at catalogs, and, yes, I do sometimes pay more attention to the props than the models in magazines. I’ve been known to completely miss what’s going on in a movie because I’m so wrapped up in the sets. The colors, textures, shapes- ahhh, I just can’t get enough!

There is, of course, that great time waster Pinterest. I’m a fan, but I’ve noticed photos totally trend. Like 3-4 people I follow will post the same pics. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s annoying but I’m not gonna stop pinning anytime soon!)

Where else do I look for inspiration? Antique stores, restaurants, when I go to someone’s house. Pretty much everywhere. I even caught myself wondering if furniture the exact color of a green light would be good, then I realized it was a green light so I’d better start paying attention to driving.

I also adore getting emails from sites like One Kings Lane, Joss and Main, and Fab. Yes, they have a lot of good stuff for low prices, but I just get inspired by the stuff they’re showing. It gives you a chance to see what’s in and gives you a good idea of popular designers and brands. ¬†I like to look at the items and get inspiration on how to re-work new finds (“oh, if I just glue some wood on top of this, it’ll look like that” “If I paint these lamps, they’ll basically have the same effect in my room.”) You get the idea.¬†

I even have an “inspiration” folder with hundreds of photos from various sites for those times when ya just can’t think of where to go with a project.¬†

How do you get inspired?