Flea Market Finds: Rose Bowl

Sometimes (okay, usually) you see those things at the flea market that leave you feeling inspired. You've already seen my suitcase haul from Sunday, but here are a few of the other things I was loving this weekend:      

You Win Some, You Lose Some: Long Beach Flea Market

This weekend, I wandered over to Long Beach to check out the flea market that happens once a month. When I went before, I was impressed because I say so much good stuff and it was so much cheaper than Rose Bowl. It has been a while, and I think Long Beach must be more popular than ever... Continue Reading →

Flea Market Finds at the Rose Bowl

Last Sunday was probably one of the best times I've ever had at the Rose Bowl (well, other than the time we filmed Flea Market Flip!) It was like all of the vendors brought their A-game to make up for the rain the month before. I'm absolutely in LOVE with everything I got!

Just an example of how the wrong fabric can completely ruin a piece. I actually thought these were being sold with the intention of being reupholstered. Okay, this may be the right fabric if you have a jungle theme or are a thirteen year old girl, but I generally wouldn't choose cheetah print for something... Continue Reading →

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