Fun Finds Online

I'm loving these funky online finds from Joss and Main and One Kings Lane.

One Stop Fourth of July Shop!

I love the Fourth of July! (BBQ, beer, beach, parties, and fireworks celebrating independence in the sky... I'm in!!) I also love Target. You just keep walking through the aisles and racking things up, and before you know it, you just can't get out without spending at least $100. I was looking for bright summery dishtowels and had... Continue Reading →

Found these images, and think these pieces would fit together to form the perfect reading nook. The colors keep it classic, while the mirror and side table keep it bright, fun, and modern. What would you use to create an ideal space for some quality "me" time?

School’s Out!

Well, technically school has been out for a while now, but I just recovered from what seems to be the requisite flu I get the week after finals. I guess it must be all that stress and lack of sleep... and it probably didn't help that I spent the weekend right after finishing at Stagecoach... Continue Reading →

Makeover Madness: Dining Area

I've been thinking about refreshing my dining area but haven't been able to bite the bullet because I just love my current table and chairs. Thing is, my current stuff doesn't fit the space. I live in an apartment that was built in the fifties and my table is very contemporary. It's rectangular and the... Continue Reading →

Today I happened across this pillow, which was marked down to $45 from $87. My immediate reaction was, "I wonder if you could use a bleach pen on burlap and make the same thing for a couple of bucks?" Then I thought, well, once you go buy the burlap, bleach pen, and pillow insert, then... Continue Reading →

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