Read and Relax Room Inspo

I've been pulling images and creating some inspo collages for my office, which I want to turn into a reading/ relaxation room. Since I'm still working on my thesis, I've been thinking about keeping a desk in there, but a much smaller desk than the original dark wood monster that was in there before. Here's... Continue Reading →

Dressing Table Dreams

I recently read something that said you shouldn't keep your makeup in the bathroom. In general, I try to keep it under the cabinet, but that got me thinking.¬†Would I use makeup that wasn't right there when I was getting ready? Would it just sit in my drawers unused until I had to throw it... Continue Reading →

Flea Market Finds: Rose Bowl

Sometimes (okay, usually) you see those things at the flea market that leave you feeling inspired. You've already seen my suitcase haul from Sunday, but here are a few of the other things I was loving this weekend:      


Of this leather and rosewood sofa by Hans Olsen currently at Lawson-Fenning. It would be perfect in my office.

Fun Idea for a Flea Market Find

Here's a quick tip: A tall drum from a flea market or thrift shop would make a fun and funky side table. Even better, it'll look good in a variety of rooms-- from a boho chic living room to a teen's hang out area.

Another Imaginary Room!

I've probably been spending a little too much time online because I have so many photos to create imaginary rooms with! This one started with the chair. I love the pops of red, white, blue, and green! I've got a chair I've been working on, and it just hasn't been going anywhere because I've been... Continue Reading →

School’s Out!

Well, technically school has been out for a while now, but I just recovered from what seems to be the requisite flu I get the week after finals. I guess it must be all that stress and lack of sleep... and it probably didn't help that I spent the weekend right after finishing at Stagecoach... Continue Reading →

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