Another Imaginary Room!

I’ve probably been spending a little too much time online because I have so many photos to create imaginary rooms with! This one started with the chair. I love the pops of red, white, blue, and green!

I’ve got a chair I’ve been working on, and it just hasn’t been going anywhere because I’ve been waiting to find that perfect fabric. I keep flip flopping between something traditional (because it does have cane backing) or something a little funkier (I’ve looked at tribal prints, monkey prints, sea horses…) After creating this board, I think I’ve decided on a funky pattern in traditional colors, like red or blue.


Fun Finds Online

I’m loving these funky online finds from Joss and Main and One Kings Lane.

This chair is fun and is a steal at $329. I know the print is bold. Once you get tired of it (which would be after about 6 months if you’re anything like me!), it would look great with a different fabric. The shape is great!
Fun shape, fun fabric.
This garden stool would make a great side table.
Love this shape.


Love this mirror and shelf with added storage.

Cozy Reading Nook

Found these images, and think these pieces would fit together to form the perfect reading nook. The colors keep it classic, while the mirror and side table keep it bright, fun, and modern.

This looks like a chair you could just sink into. With a cashmere throw and maybe a small ottoman, you'd be in business any time of day.
This looks like a chair you could just sink into. With a cashmere throw (for fun, how about a soft lime green) and maybe a small ottoman, you’d be in business any time of day.
Classic colors in blue, white, and gold.
Classic colors in blue, white, and gold.
I'm loving this fun side table from West Elm.
I’m loving this fun side table from West Elm.
I'd put this fun mirror on the opposite wall from the side table with the lamp to reflect light.
I’d put this fun mirror on the opposite wall from the side table with the lamp to reflect light.

What would you use to create an ideal space for some quality “me” time?

The Great Rug Debate

So I’ve been on a hunt, no, more like a quest for the perfect rug.

I’ve been wanting to re-do my living room for quite some time, and for some reason a rug just feels like a big commitment. 

I’ve decided that a woven rug is the look I’m going for– breezy, casual, but with a touch of elegance. Easy to dress up or dress down (though it sounds like I’m talking about clothes, I’m still on rugs.)

After pulling photos from Pottery Barn and my favorite discount sites Joss and Main and One Kings Lane, I found some reasonable rugs at Ikea. Yeah, still the devil, but you can order online and avoid the store all together.

Here are my top two choices:

tarnby-rug-flatwoven__0102967_PE248588_S4 egeby-rug-flatwoven__0110970_PE261603_S4

They’re pretty similar, but it is all about the border for me. I think it looks classy, a friend I emailed the options to thought the border made it look like an outdoor rug. A couple of days later we were walking through Ralph Lauren Home (my happy place) and I noticed bordered rugs scattered throughout.

The non-border rug is thicker, which I like to absorb noise, but the thinner rug just feels more luxe for some reason.  Maybe I’m off base– what do you think?

Joss and Main Wins Again!

I’m totally obsessed with their current sale, “Luxe and Little.” When I was a little girl, I would have lovvvved any of this stuff, but especially these items:


Adrienne+Twin+Headboard Sadie+Youth+RugKara+Youth+Vanity+Set

Obviously, I was VERY girly. On a side note, my mom still has a drawing I made of a bedroom decorated in “Globe” everything. She thought it showcased my artistic ability, but now I realize it shows off my early love of design and decor!

Check out the whole sale:

Jeffan Tatum Entertainment Stand

Jeffan Tatum Entertainment Stand

This entertainment stand was in a curator’s collection on Joss and Main today. I love it- perfect for a space that’s put together or laid back and beachy. At $799 on sale, it is far too expensive for any sensible rehabber to justify purchasing.

I mean, this would be an easy piece to replicate using Ikea finds and fabric or a textured wallpaper. You could just add doors on a shelf (hey, you could probably even find a shelf or old entertainment center with good bones at your local thrift shop), then cover the doors with the textured wallpaper, and glue or nail wood pieces on top. I bet you could even lacquer trellis for a simple solution.

Voila! You’ll have a lovely piece, a story to tell, and the satisfaction of major savings. Why not give it a shot?

All About the Brights: Joss and Main Today

The fastest way to combat winter blues? Add bright hues to your life (and living space!) Joss and Main has an “energizing hues” sale today, and these are a few of my favorite items:Laserena+PillowAime+Pillow+in+Desert Howard+Elliott+Casey+Wall+MirrorThe fastest way to change the look of your space is by changing throw pillows or wall art. It’s really an easy mood changer. If you’re patient, you can just buy the fabric and make pillows yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Getting Inspired

If you’re anything like me, you can scroll through sites for hours and hours to find inspiration. Wait, is that only me?

Mayyybe I’m a bit obsessed. I love going to new stores, looking at catalogs, and, yes, I do sometimes pay more attention to the props than the models in magazines. I’ve been known to completely miss what’s going on in a movie because I’m so wrapped up in the sets. The colors, textures, shapes- ahhh, I just can’t get enough!

There is, of course, that great time waster Pinterest. I’m a fan, but I’ve noticed photos totally trend. Like 3-4 people I follow will post the same pics. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s annoying but I’m not gonna stop pinning anytime soon!)

Where else do I look for inspiration? Antique stores, restaurants, when I go to someone’s house. Pretty much everywhere. I even caught myself wondering if furniture the exact color of a green light would be good, then I realized it was a green light so I’d better start paying attention to driving.

I also adore getting emails from sites like One Kings Lane, Joss and Main, and Fab. Yes, they have a lot of good stuff for low prices, but I just get inspired by the stuff they’re showing. It gives you a chance to see what’s in and gives you a good idea of popular designers and brands.  I like to look at the items and get inspiration on how to re-work new finds (“oh, if I just glue some wood on top of this, it’ll look like that” “If I paint these lamps, they’ll basically have the same effect in my room.”) You get the idea. 

I even have an “inspiration” folder with hundreds of photos from various sites for those times when ya just can’t think of where to go with a project. 

How do you get inspired?