$10 Side Table Transformation

Recently a friend gave me a couple of things for helping her pick out some new furniture pieces for her house.
Among them was this side table.

photo 2

It was in awful condition– it was super scratched up and had even been stored outside for awhile. Not necessarily the shape or style I would normally choose, I decided to jazz it up with a bright electric blue paint and a fun knob from Anthropologie.

The first knob I tried didn't quite work.
The first knob I tried didn’t quite work.
The second knob was much better!
The second knob was much better!
Here's the finished product. Pretty fun, huh? I could totally see this jazzing up a room!
Here’s the finished product. Pretty fun, huh? I could totally see this jazzing up a room!

I’m saying this cost about $10 because the knob was $7 and I didn’t even use half a can of paint or primer. It was a totally simple fix, so before you throw away that piece that’s been bugging you, try painting it and giving it a new life!

My $2000 Coffee Table

gold coffee table

Just kidding! If you know me at all, you should know better! I am wayyy too cheap to spend $2K on a coffee table. And you really don’t need to in order to get a great piece. I’ll tell you how much I spent after I tell you the story.

For weeks, I was searching for a gold and glass coffee table. Especially after reading an article in HGTV Magazine that featured a gold and glass beauty.

Here’s the original article: http://www.hgtv.com/living-rooms/a-mothers-day-living-room-makeover/index.html

I started out looking for the table in the article, which is from Worlds Away. Epic fail, HGTV Magazine, because this table is only available as a wholesale item. So then I did a google shopping search for this specific table. Almost $2000. Yikes!

So I decided a replica would be good. World Market is a good go-to for items similar to this, but they didn’t have anything. More googling got me to tables between $420- $500. Still too much for this thrifty chick.

What to do, what to do? Craigslist!! I found a table listed for very little and went to check it out… deep deep in the Valley. It was in awful shape. Rusted, dirty, spider webbed up from sitting in a garage. But perfect for me– clean lines and good bones.

 coffee tableDetail Coffee Table

So how did I transform this little guy? I simply sanded off the rusty spots with my handy power sander, then hit it with two coats of gold spray paint.

The total cost? After some negotiating, I paid $10 for the table. The spray paint cost about $7, so for under $20, I got a great piece. That’s like A HUNDRED TIMES LESS than the Worlds Away version. I must say that I’m a pretty happy rehabber!

More Chairs!


I’m slowly buy surely finishing up this dining set. I had a very specific vision of how this set should look, and am so picky about color that it has been difficult to get it right. I actually ended up going to Tiffany in order to grab a catalog to have the color matched for this paint. It’s only the first coat of paint and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these babies!
Obviously this set is going to be good for someone who loves bright colors (coming from someone who loves brights: I painted this room hot pink to emphasize a lime green kitchen.)

Obsessed With Orange

Obsessed With Orange

All about the brights is right. These babies came from the “Free” section on Craigslist (you may also recognize them stuffed into the car on the “Prius Problems” post.)

This picture gives you a good idea of how much difference some color can make. I’m still debating putting a coat of lacquer on the chairs.

When I sent this photo to my mom, all she said was “weird.” If this is weird, I really don’t mind. The most important thing to remember when picking out, buying, or refinishing something is to stick with what you like, what makes you happy. After all, you’re the one that is going to be looking at it every day. Why not love it?