Rehab Diaries: Sorting Through The Trash

I've got this problem... Well, maybe it isn't such a problem. I can't drive by a curb that has something on it without stopping to look. It's like this compulsion, this need to look at the items. My poor car is covered in dirt and grime from roadside finds. The other day, on an evening... Continue Reading →

I am NOT a Seamstress

I love the idea of making cushions, curtains, table runners, heck, even my own clothes. As a child, one of my hobbies was cross stitching (I was a weird kid). For a while, I was into hand-stitching pillows, and last year, my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas to help with my pillow... Continue Reading →

Free wood? Even if I couldn't think of a project off the bat, this was too pretty to pass up! I found these outside of a girlfriend's place. The pieces of wood are huge, and it took two of us to carry the shorter pieces. We didn't know what we'd use this wood for, so... Continue Reading →

Recently, I was found these babies in the parking lot of an office where I was interviewing. When I was leaving, I snuck around to where they were sitting and stuffed them in the back seat of my car. They were in bad shape- moldy, stinky messes. They have good bones, though, and I just... Continue Reading →

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