All About the Satsumas Plant Stand

If you follow my Insta account (if  you don’t already, you should!) you probably know by now that I’ve become a bit of a plant hoarder.

At a certain point this summer, I was telling Ramin I’d bought one new plant when I’d really brought home three, hoping he wouldn’t notice how crazy my patio garden had become. Luckily, he loves the greenery and benefitted from all the cucumbers, strawberries, and tomatoes I kept bringing inside for him to eat.

A plant hoarder’s dream.

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave lately, and I planted super early this year, so I’ve been waiting for my remaining plants to wane. I’m just about ready to bring in some new green babies and get a fall garden going. And that brings me to the Satsumas stand from Ikea.

Simple but chic.

I was reading a site and saw an image of the stand, not realizing it was a whole package kind of thing. I have some small containers I’d hung over the edge of my homemade planter box at the beginning of the summer, and actually went to the Ikea site to find a ladder to recreate the look from the site.

Lucky for me, it’s a set!

Now I can get 5 more plants… they count as one if they’re all on one stand, right?!


*This is not an ad. Roadside Rehab not affiliated with Ikea, other than being a fan of their cheap and chic products!


I need one of these…


Talk about giving something old new life!

I can just imagine a pallet filled with fresh herbs out on my patio.

A friend was telling me her hubby is planning on building some for strawberries and hanging them on the fence because their dogs can’t resist the berries they grow each year.

Urban gardening at its finest!