Flea Market Finds at the Rose Bowl

Last Sunday was probably one of the best times I’ve ever had at the Rose Bowl (well, other than the time we filmed Flea Market Flip!)

It was like all of the vendors brought their A-game to make up for the rain the month before. I’m absolutely in LOVE with everything I got!

photo 5
I loved all of these midcentury candle holders. The tins are so pretty and are brightening up my kitchen counter right now!
This Craftsman toolbox really represents Roadside Rehab to me. I can see it on display in my office one day. It looks a little roached out, but it still has some mileage because its got good bones and is so beautiful!
photo 5
I bought this chair for my house. It was picked at a farm in CA, and they said they think its from around the 1930s. The leather cushion is stuffed with horsehair.
photo 3 copy
This was my FAVORITE cup when I was a little kid, so I couldn’t pass it up.
I was in love with this Royal Crown soda cooler. It was so pretty. My parents grew up near the RC Cola factory in Columbus, GA so this piece made me nostalgic.
I was in love with this Royal Crown soda cooler. It was so pretty. My parents grew up near the RC Cola factory in Columbus, GA so this piece made me nostalgic.
vintage projector
I just had to snap a photo of this vintage projector. I love the green (Kelly green is a personal favorite) and the fact that the plaque says “Hollywood.”
photo 4
So happy after a long day of hoarding junkin’.

Palm Springs Thrifting

This past weekend, I was in Palm Springs for a wedding. We stayed at the Ace Hotel, which is a lesson in cool details in and of itself. Feeling inspired, I moseyed around Palm Springs to check out a couple of vintage shops on the day of the wedding.

I checked out Misty’s, which was described to me as, and I quote, “90% trash, 10% gold.” I didn’t come across anything super exceptional there, but I could see how a local may come across a treasure or two every once in a while.

Since I didn’t have much time to shop around, I headed over to Cathedral City, where I was told there was a group of pretty good shops that have a lot of midcentury treasures. The prices weren’t for the faint of heart, but they were a heck of a lot better than what you’d see in Los Angeles!

My favorite store of the bunch was Hedge.

These are my favorite things from this past weekend:
photo 2 copy

I love everything about this baby. While the orange really pops, I would love to see it in a creamy color. I saw a pair of these in black at the Helmut Lang outlet on the way home.
I love everything about this baby. While the orange really pops, I would love to see it in a creamy color. I saw a pair of these in black at the Helmut Lang outlet on the way home.

photo 1
photo 1 copy
photo 3
photo 2

You can find Hedge at 68929 Perez Rd # F, Cathedral City, CA 92234. Be sure to check out the whole row of shops while you’re there!

New Favorite Shop: Brainworks Home and an Interview with Influencer Erin Adams

Have you ever walked into a store and thought, “this is my kinda store.” A store where everything just seems so perfectly laid out that it just speaks to you? A store where you say, “I have to meet the person responsible for this genius!”?

I have. As soon as I walked into Brainworks Home on Pico, I knew it was going to be my favorite shop. It was so perfectly curated; filled with designer pieces mixed with interesting estate finds that just felt right. Think Eames, Plycraft, Wassily, Knoll mixed with estate finds and fun odds and ends… It is the kind of place where you just want to hang out.

Making myself at home!
Making myself at home!
photo 4
The chair that drew me in!

I immediately saw countless items to covet, and spent at least an hour wandering through the shop, drooling over art, records, furniture, funky glasses, and vintage wallpapers.

Love this funky monkey ash tray... I'd repurpose it as a candle holder.
Love this funky monkey ash tray… I’d repurpose it as a candle holder.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Erin Adams, the owner, and learn about her journey in creating such a lovely space.

Erin Adams
Erin Adams

Erin was always a fan of art, and started out as a mural painter. Educated at Otis Art Institute at Parsons, she got her start in the industry as an intern for a well known mural painter in 1985, then became partners with him. As a painter, she worked in Vegas, painting at Ceasar’s Palace, MGM Grand, and the Luxor. She has done faux finishing, decorative painting, and gold leafing. Interior design goes hand in hand with art, and she said her love of history has influenced her design (her dad was a history teacher, so she grew up talking about history around the dinner table… how cool!)

Here’s what she had to say when we talked:

RR: What is the biggest difference between working as a designer and working as a mural artist?

Interior design is like a friendship relationship. With mural painting, you go in, do the job and you’re done. You can come back the next day and leave it there.

RR: What was your first rehab project?

EA: A dining room set that my brother gave me that he didn’t want. I did a faux finish, and put some seat cushions on it. It was 1984, and I did tortoise shell. It was all about bright colors and crazy patterns.

RR: Is there anything specific you look for when searching for items?

EA: I make sure it speaks to me. Most items kind of find me. For example, I found a really cool glass, and brought it in. Someone in the shop said we already had one. Someone came in and asked if we’d bought the cups at a sale—we hadn’t, but we went and got them. Stuff seems to want to be together.

The glasses that were meant to be together.
The glasses that were meant to be together.

RR: Where do you get most of your inventory?

EA: It really finds me. I get stuff everywhere—garage sales, auctions, swap meets, pickers come by the store, estate sales, antique sales, and sometimes I get items from the design mart. My sources naturally change on their own.

RR: What are your favorite finds?

EA: I love finding fine art. It’s like a treasure hunt.

Also, things I can’t immediately identify—they keep me interested the longest. It changes all the time… you get into something, then you figure it out and move on to something else. Right now, I am obsessed with researching an Egyptian cat I found. (You know I gasped when she said this, given my obsession with Egyptian Revival pieces!)

RR: What is the most rewarding part of running Brainworks?

EA: When people connect with something on an emotional level and these things become “new” family heirlooms. It reminds them of their mom or an item their dad kept on their shelf. When those connections are made, you can tell, you can see it in their eyes and that is the most rewarding. It’s just like art, sometimes you do just have to have art in your life. This stuff is like art to me. I also like improving the neighborhood—it is rewarding.

RR: What is the most difficult part of having the store?

EA: Finding the balance between collecting and selling stuff. Also, the area is progressing, so sometimes you still get an occasional homeless person that wanders in. Since the area is changing, you have to improve the area without pushing people out.

RR: What is your dream item?

EA: My dream item will be fine art… because I went to art school and studied history, and my dad was a history teacher. It’s like a treasure hunt, but I think it will definitely be fine art. I’ll find it.

RR: Any tips for someone embarking on their first rehab or design project?

EA: Always make a plan and draw out the space. Never say “I’m just going to go for it.” Read about it, do your research. Research materials you may not be familiar with. Having a plan can help keep you from abandoning your project, or even ruining your project.

EA on “can’t live without it items”: A lot of shoppers have the “I have to see if it speaks to me” mentality. They’ll look at it, they’ll get excited, then they’ll leave. They’ll see if they think about it until they have to come back. (RR: I know this is what I do!)

Here are some items I just couldn’t stop thinking about:

This tray is super sweet, and is SO versatile.
This tray is super sweet, and is SO versatile.
Iconic Design... Wassily Chairs just hanging around the shop.
Iconic Design… Wassily Chairs just hanging around the shop.
Love at first sight!
Love at first sight!
I love these retro chic glasses with a caddy.
I love these retro chic glasses with a caddy.
I think these prints from the 1940's would look great in a nursery.
I think these prints from the 1940’s would look great in a nursery.

I had such a great time interviewing Erin and learned so much. Stop by Brainworks Home at

5364 w Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019 .

They are open Wed- Sat 11-6 pm. Have lunch, explore the area, and find your new favorite store!


Obsessed, In Love, Don’t Know What to Do With Myself

Obsessed, In Love, Don't Know What to Do With Myself

Maybe I’m a little dramatic, but this blue pine table from One Kings Lane is the stuff I dream about at night! The vintage-y goodness of the shape, the colors, the chippy paint… okay, I’m drooling.

Even better? It’s on clearance!!! I love it so so much, but unfortunately am not on the market for a new table. Still, had to share, and it IS great inspiration for upcoming projects!

Here’s a link to check it out!