Favorite Finds: Big Daddy’s Antiques

I've been digging on Big Daddy's Antiques for years. A great place for unique finds and rehab inspiration; it has been really wonderful to watch them grow so quickly. They even have a new branch of stores called Georgia Brown (Big Daddy's daughter!) cropping up. (Look for a Beverly Hills location soon.) Here are my... Continue Reading →

Love, Love, Loving Thrive Decor

I get a lot of castings on Beverly Boulevard, near where all the furniture shops are located-- like between La Brea and Fairfax. I've always wanted to go into Thrive Decor but always seem to be in too much of a rush. When I make it back, they're usually closed (they close between 4-6 most... Continue Reading →

A Wingback Worthy of Jackie O

Maybe I love this because I was raised in the south, or it's just an East Coast aesthetic; maybe I just have a soft spot for everything monogrammed, or I love it because this is the epitome of simple elegance... But this is the perfect chair for me! I'm not really sure where the photo... Continue Reading →

Have to love a wingback chair, but I especially love the print on this one. So pretty!!

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