Hi guys! My name is Alli. I live in Los Angeles but grew up in South Carolina. I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad and am currently a graduate student/ Masters Candidate in the Communication department at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

I recently realized I have more photos of furniture on my phone than friends and family. Obsessed? Yes. Ashamed? No!

I love re-doing furniture, adding a personal touch, and making it shine. I’ve been known to turn around in traffic for a find, pick up pieces while on walks, and grab pieces from random parking lots. Hey, it is really hard to find quality pieces for decent prices out here like you can in the south!

How did I get into this stuff?

I started getting into collecting vintage things while I was in college at Berkeley. It all started with vintage designer samples, and hunts for “new” things led me to more and more stores that carried vintage crystal and china (loving this stuff is in my DNA–  southern!) Looking for china led me to stores and markets that also carried furniture. As a college student, I couldn’t afford ANY vintage pieces that were high quality, so I started buying stuff and fixing it up. How did I learn? Trial and (lots of) error.

This isn’t my first venture into the blog-o-sphere. After undergrad, I modeled and wrote the blog The Model Who Eats in order to document the foods I loved during my travels and promote a healthy lifestyle.



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  1. Really love your blog!!! Curb shopping is one of my favorite past-times although I’m not allowed to anymore (If you get a chance to check out our blog you’ll understand why–too complicated to go into the details here)
    So I shall live my future curb shopping days vicariously through you! 😉
    k- of k&p Catalano

  2. Great blog! Seriously, I was trying to find more blogs about succulents when I ran across your blog. I went to work for a retiring holistic doctor in Carson, Dr. Suzanne Skinner, who bought a mansion in Mississippi. Well, the story is very long and interesting. She passed away shortly after we moved to Mississippi. I am more of a gardener than anything, but I took photos off a lot of her stuff… She moved 13-15 semi truck loads to Mississippi-in the mansion. SO, I thought you might like the story and all the photos. She was a thrift store acholic to say the least, and even had several stores (not at one time). You may have even ran cross her. Here is a link to my first blog, The Mystical Mansion and Garden (http://themysticalmansionandgarden.wordpress.com). I am back in Missouri with a new blog, The Belmont Rooster. I browsed through most of your posts and it brought back a lot of memories of when I was in California for 7 months.

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