Easy DIY Floral Pumpkin Decoration

I’m about to blow your mind with this ultra easy floral pumpkin decor that you’ll be able to use year after year.

DIY Floral Pumpkins

My inspo came from real pumpkins at a local florist where they’d cut off the top and hot glued succulents inside. The cheapest option started at $100.  I knew that with a visit to my local craft store, I could make my own for a fraction of the price, and I ended up making THREE for only $30! Check out my Amazon idea list if you want to order your supplies and get them quickly- it’ll cost about $50 if you want to make 5 pumpkins using the items on my list.

I was feeling very anti-orange and  I wanted my party set up to scream “grown up” and “sophisticated” so I chose black foam pumpkins. But you can get the look with whatever color combo you want… I’ve seen foam pumpkins come in black, white, and orange, but you could also spray paint them metallic if you’re feeling adventurous.

Supplies Needed

  • Foam pumpkins
  • Silk/ faux flowers (I used premade bouquets because they provided a variety of shapes and colors that went well together, plus I just happened to find them on sale for 40% off!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

That’s it! You probably already have a glue gun & scissors, so all you really need are the foam pumpkins & the flowers. You can do the entire project in about 30 minutes. Yep, this is insanely easy!

Step 1- I cut the flowers off the arrangements, and placed them on the pumpkins to get an idea of where I wanted to glue them.

Ready to begin!

Step 2- Make a hole in the pumpkin where you’re going to place the flower. I just used the tip of the scissors for this.

Hole in Pumpkin- ready for a flower

Step 3- Fill the hole with hot glue.

Putting glue in the hole

Step 4- Place the flower in the hole and hold for a few seconds while the glue cools.

Step 5- Repeat!

When I’d placed all of the flowers I planned on placing, I went through and used the remaining flowers to fill in the gaps and make my pumpkins look a little more lush.

And that’s it!

DIY Floral Pumpkins

A super simple DIY and you can use these for years to come! Let me know if you make these and send me photos of how they turn out on Instagram!

*Please note that I will make a small commission if you purchase items from my Amazon idea list. I wholeheartedly support & would use these items myself & chose these items on my own. 

Super Easy 3 Step 4th of July Party

Does everyone keep asking, “What are you doing for the fourth?” Still don’t have plans? Want to do something fun and different at some point during this long weekend?

It’s not too late to throw together a great 4th of July party with a minimal amount of work.

4th of July Table
Here are some photos of an “American Flag” themed party I helped some friends put together using my list.

Here’s my 3 step plan for an awesome 4th of July party:

1. Order decorations on Amazon Prime! This makes it sooo easy to get everything ready. I created this list of prime-friendly buys, and since I love dressing on-theme, I even included some outfit ideas!

2. Head to the grocery store and keep it simple. Your friends just want to hang, you don’t need to try new recipes or spend the time painstakingly creating an American Flag tart out of berries (unless you want to, of course!)

Pick up some burger patties, cheese, buns, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, mustard and ketchup. Grab a veggie tray, pre-made potato salad, and some apple pies. Grab a watermelon. Stick to red roses or white hydrangeas and decorate them with some mini flags. For drinks, get sodas, some beers and a couple of bottles of rose or prosecco, and you’re ready to go! (I usually estimate that each person will have 1/2 a bottle of wine if you don’t know how much to buy.) I also love making punches, and that is a great job to give someone that asks what they can bring! I also usually have anyone that asks bring a salad, side or dessert and dress everything up on pretty plates, platters or bowls.

4th of July Table 2
Table with simple flowers, decorated with mini flags and napkins.

3. Set up, kick back, and relax.

Alli July 4th Outfit Inspo
Me in my “>flag-themed get up. The fanny pack was so useful!

*This post contains affiliate links, and I may get a commission if you purchase recommended products.



Easy DIY Frayed Edge Linen Napkins

Making your own linen napkins is way easier (and cheaper) than you’d think! I’m about to blow your mind with how easy it is to make these no sew napkins!

DIY Frayed Edge Linen Napkins Cheap and Chic

Every holiday, I’m the first one buying decorative cocktail napkins. The thing is, I hate throwing them away, and I really hate the way the stiff paper of printed napkins feels on my skin. I made these for a recent party and have used them a couple of times since, and I’m now a DIY napkin convert. They’re a great way to elevate your event. Everyone was asking me where I got them! I even went and got fabric to make more for Easter!

DIY Frayed Edge Linen Napkin is Easy!

As with all good rehab projects, I started with a need that turned into an idea, then I headed to the fabric shop (okay, bad projects start that way, too, just stay with me here.) I knew I was looking for a red, pink, or purple, but was willing to go with the flow based on what was available. I found this gorgeous pink color and ended up making 8 HUGE napkins for $17!

DIY Frayed Edge Napkin
The napkins looked gorgeous with the lace runner and vintage dishes at my Galentine’s Day tea party.

The only tools you need for this project are the linen and fabric scissors. Believe me, fabric scissors are necessary. They make a huge difference in being able to get straight lines and smooth cuts.

Here are the steps to get you on your way to making your own frayed edge linen napkins:

  1. Wash and dry your fabric to preshrink it. If you want to skip the prewash, I’m sure you’d be okay just cutting the napkins larger than you normally would to allow for some shrinkage.
  2. Decide how many napkins you want/ can get from your piece of cloth. I did this by folding my fabric and estimating how big I’d want each napkin to be. I do everything based on look, so I’m sure if you wanted to measure, you could get really specific and make lines on your fabric with a fabric pen, but why make it harder than it needs to be?
  3. Cut your fabric! I used the folds to guide how I cut the fabric. It’s easier for me to cut when I’m holding both sides of the fabric and can get the scissors flying smoothly!

    DIY Frayed Edge Napkins Fabric Detail
    Before you get to make a mess!
  4. Then you’re ready for the fun! Pulling out the fabric at the edges to create the pretty frayed look. It can be messy, but that’s half the fun, right? I pulled the fabric around the edges while I watched an episode of Fixer Upper.

    DIY Frayed Edge Linen Napkin How To
    Pulling out the edges. You want to work from the piece on the outermost edge first. Otherwise, the strings can get tangled.
  5. Enjoy your new napkins! Yep, that is it! Wash, cut, pull, done!

DIY Frayed Edge Linen Napkins Easy Entertaining

Galentine’s Day Tea Party

In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, I broke out some of my vintage dishes and invited some friends over for a last minute Galentine’s tea party. We all know you don’t really need a reason to get together with your girls, but who doesn’t love a theme?

Follow along for my tips and you’ll be throwing a tea party in no time!

Everything was all about mix and match. I had camomile flowers left over from last week that I mixed with my Valentine’s flowers I got over the weekend.

Because I’m constantly thrifting, all of my plates and cups and silver pieces are just a bit different. I tied it all together with matching gold teaspoons, gold flatware, and pink linen napkins that I made one morning last week.

To make the party as simple as possible, I picked up pastries including these amazing heart shaped, chocolate dipped cookies at my local bakery. I also stocked the fridge with lots of champagne. Of course we also had tea! I served Prince of Wales, mint, and a blend from Laduree (a French pastry shop.)

I used a piece of lace I had left over from a project as a runner and mixed up chairs from around the house for an Alice in Wonderland vibe. I had my guests pick records that we played throughout the party.

Along with pastries, I served tea sandwiches. Because what is a tea party without tea sandwiches!?! I made butter and cucumber sandwiches, salmon with cream cheese and dill sandwiches, and turkey and cheese sandwiches. I think cucumber sandwiches are extremely overlooked and underrated. Last year, I had an obsession where I ate probably 3 cucumber sandwiches a week for at least a month.

I also served a veggie tray and radishes with butter and sea salt. I loved having the veggies, even though it’s not “traditional” for tea time.

I sent my girls home with these sweet treats because don’t they just remind you of being a kid!?

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing photos from my party! When you throw your own, just remember to keep it simple and keep it about hanging with your girls!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Rehabbers!

Vision Board Tips

Creating a vision board isn’t exactly rehabbing, but it is crafty!

I do one about once a year, and what better time than the new year to envision what you want?

Creating a vision board is a great activity to do alone or to do with a group of friends. I spent some time thinking about my goals and cut out the images by myself, and then arranged my boards with friends this year.

Here are some of my favorite tips for creating your vision board:

I love arranging my boards based on areas of my life, so it is easy to focus on one area at a time.

I even created an entirely separate board for my dream house one day!

I hope you enjoy imagining your future and creating your vision board!

DIY Marshmallow Reindeer and Snowmen

This is a bit of a flashback, as these guys were my favorite Christmas DIY of last year. They were a big hit among my friend’s kids, too!

It all started when I was shopping at Williams Sonoma and came across marshmallow snowmen that were so cute. I knew they’d make the perfect gift paired with fancy hot cocoa, but when I realized each pack of 4 cost $13 (!!) the idea for an easy DIY formed.

First things first, I put the offensively expensive snowmen down and marched out the door. I went to the grocery store and got marshmallows, sticks from the baking section, and packets of icing. I chose these nifty icing writers that you just snip. I was being lazy and didn’t want to make icing, and, honestly, who wants the mess of making a ton of icing? Let’s keep it easy! Disclaimer: I couldn’t find a brown icing writer so I bought a white icing tube and brown food coloring.

Here are my supplies. I put out some wax paper to control the mess and keep my counters from getting sticky.

Next, I put the marshmallows on the sticks.

The next step was the most fun! I practiced some squiggles on the wax paper then started “drawing” on my reindeers and snowmen.

For the reindeer, I kept it simple with red noses, black dots for eyes, and scarves for some festive color. Also, you may notice I drew “upside down” compared to the Williams Sonoma version. I did this because I wanted them sticking out the top of stockings.

I let them “dry” for several hours and put pairs in plastic favor bags for gifting (sorry for the dark photo- it was late!)

The great thing about these is that they’re easy, inexpensive, and have a big impact! I paired them with fancy hot chocolates as stocking stuffers. You could even get cute mugs from Marshall’s or TJ Max, put a hot cocoa packet inside, and top them off with these babies for a festive gift!

Holiday Wreath Round Up

Last week, I had a wine and crafts night with my friend Susie and we made homemade magnolia wreaths! They were no match for the Southern California sun and completely wilted in just a few days.

So I’ve rounded up some great holiday wreaths that don’t cost a fortune and won’t be dying on you anytime soon! Get ready to deck the halls, y’all!

I love this led wreath that’s currently on sale at West Elm. Now, I’m part barracuda, so if sparkly isn’t your thing, keep reading!

I’m a sucker for anything with wood that looks vintage, and I love how Christmassy this wreath feels. And how cute are those tiny mittens!?

I’m loving the gold accents in this magnolia wreath from Pottery Barn (don’t they just nail holiday decor!?) Don’t worry, it is a really good fake, so you can use it for years to come!

My parents new place has one of those glass insert doors, and I️ think this triple wreath would be stunning if you have a glass door. Even better is that it’s from Kohl’s and on sale (!) and my mom is obsessed with using Kohl’s cash for discounts. (Hi, Mom!)

I love this boxwood wreath because boxwood is in for any time of year. Even better? It’s on sale for $40!

Don’t like the red and green look? Decorating for another December holiday? This white wreath feels elegant and vintage at the same time… and it’s 50% off!

Not into wreaths but want a little holiday flair? I’m loving the blend of wood, ribbon, berries, and pinecones going on with this snowflake door hanger.

Happy hall decking, Rehabbers!